alcohootMaybe you’ve been through one of those breathalyzer tests, where a traffic officer asks you to blow into a pipe to check whether your blood alcohol level is passed the level acceptable for driving.  Be it in the US or in Nepal, drunk driving is a traffic nuisance everywhere in the world. The invention of Breathalyzer has been highly effective to prevent a lot of drunken driving related accidents but these devices are mainly used by traffic officers and not by the general public. With Alcohoot, you can use your smartphone to check your blood alcohol level preventing not only the risks of accident but also DUI arrests and fines and embarrassing social situations.

You can now drink responsibly every step of the way with your personal breathalyzer. To add, there are health benefits that come when you are drinking within the limit. Alcohoot checks your blood alcohol concentration just as a regular breathalyzer. Then it churns out the number in your smartphone’s app. alcohootYou can monitor your alcohol level throughout different periods of time and view them graphically. You can also view your blood alcohol level history over time to see how much you alcohol you consumed past days, weeks or months.Let’s say you’ve checked your alcohol level and Alcohoot gives you thumbs down for driving. What next? Just check Alcohoot for nearby taxi services and restaurants and reach your destination safely or relax at a restaurant until you get a little sober.

Alcohoot, founded by Ben Biron and manufactured in Tel Aviv, Israel, is also the first enforcement grade breathalyzer for smartphones. The breathalyzers that you see the officers carry are very bulky and can cost as high as $800.  Alcohoot  has a compact design and costs only $70 and it meets the FDA and Department of Transport’s standards. It also supports Android smartphones and tablets, ipad and iphone.


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