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How to watch YouTube videos in Offline mode. (Without Internet Connection)

YouTube is the world’s most popular site to view the videos. Almost all the peoples around the world use youtube to watch the videos. The cool things about youtube is that you can upload, download and share the videos and even there are some other features that is also useful to the users. One of the interesting feature that youtube has introduced is called video offline.Watch Youtube Oflline

So, basically this means you can watch the video later even there is no internet connection but the thing that you need to keep in mind is, the video that you want to watch offline should be saved when there is internet connection. You can save video using Wifi or mobile data but i would recommend you to use the wifi as mobile data can drain all you money. Here, I will show you How to watch Youtube videos in Offline mode.

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Steps to save the video and watch it offline:

Before we get started, I want you to know that you can get this feature only you have the latest version of youtube in your smartphone. So, if you want to get this feature and take the advantage then offline saveget your youtube updated. Now, lets start !!

  • Launch the youtube application.
  • Open/load the video that you want to save and watch later.
  • You can see a download/save icon just below the video.
  • Click on the Download icon, you will see a box will pop up.
  • Choose the resolution that you want for your video and click OK.

After the video is downloaded, it will notify you or you can even see the downloaded option will be changed to checked mark. Your video will be saved in Offline option that you can find under your youtube account. Swipe left on the youtube screen (For Android users), Click on the icon of man, that you find when you swipe left upto the last option (For IOS users).

Now, enjoy the video whenever and wherever, even you don’t have internet connection. You can even delete the video after watching or let’s say you are fed up watching the same video again and again.

To delete video just click on the three dots that you can see on the top right corner of each saved video.

delete option in youtube

You should also know that offline download option may not be available for all the video out there on youtube because it depends on lots of condition like copyright, video policy and other things and also remember this feature may not be available in every country. Even though you have updated youtube, you don’t see the download option that means this feature is not available to your country. Hope you will make good use of this feature.

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