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How To Watch YouTube Offline Using YouTube GO App

Do you know we can surf youtube even when we are in offline mode i.e. when no internet connection is available using Youtube Go App? How many of you were aware of this topic? Maybe all of us know this thing. But there are also some percentage of users who don’t know that they can surf youtube even if they are offline.

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing services all around the globe. We use YouTube on daily basis for the different purpose either for entertainment or for gaining knowledge. Stable Internet connection is required for operating YouTube. Without a proper internet connection, we cannot access any content of YouTube. Sometimes we may not be connected to the internet but wants to access some content but how?

watch youtube video offline

In this article, we will be discussing how we can use YouTube Offline using YouTube Go App. This article is basically for those who don’t know how to use YouTube offline even after they are familiar with YouTube. If you are one of them then you can continue reading the topic else, you can escape the topic. Let’s get started.

YouTube Go

YouTube Go is an official application from YouTube that lets the user download videos to Android. It is an app to download and watch videos. This application will allow you to easily save your favorite videos for offline viewing. YouTube Go is available on Google Play Store. You can visit the google play store from here.

With YouTube Go you can discover popular videos, songs, movies, TV Shows and many more. You can choose any of the videos to watch or download. This application will allow users to play the video without buffering. You can watch these videos anytime, anywhere. You don’t need any internet connection to watch. Also, you can share the downloaded videos among friends and family nearby. Besides these video transfer uses no data. Also, you can send and receive and send videos in seconds. Just follow these simple steps to use YouTube Go and enjoy watching the YouTube offline.

Step 1: Download and Install YouTube Go

To use YouTube Go, First, you need to go to the Google Play Store and download the YouTube Go Application. Follow these steps to Download and Install the application.

  1. Go To Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “YouTube Go” in search console.
  3. Tap on Install.

watch youtube videos offlinewatch youtube videos offlinewatch youtube videos offline

Step 2: Open YouTube Go

Once the Installation completes open the YouTube Go app. You will be presented with the simple user interface where you will see “Home” and “Downloads” Button. Under the home tab, you will find suggested videos. You can also search any of your favorite videos. While under the downloads tab you will find the videos that you have downloaded for later. To download the video follow these simple steps.

  1. Search any of your favorite videos from the search console.
  2. Select the video.
  3. You will be provided with the screen where you will see the Play and Download button.
  4. Tap on the Download option to save the video.

watch youtube offlinewatch youtube offline



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