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How To: Convert YouTube Videos To MP3

YouTube has a huge collections of videos of various genre like Comedy, Adventure, Documentaries, etc. along with numbers of songs and music videos. Sometimes, we need to extract the audio out and leave the video behind. So, let us discuss how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and download it.

Get Started – Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

#1 YouTube-mp3.org

YouTube-mp3.org is an online service for converting videos to mp3. To use this site, you do not have to log in/sign up.Simply:

  • Copy the YouTube URL of the video
  • Paste it to the text bar below to
  • Hit Convert Video


Convert Youtube Videos to MP3 - YouTubeMP3The site converts the audio track of your video file to MP3 as soon as you have submitted it and lets you download the MP3 file.

#2 onlinevideoconverter.com

Online Video Converter (OVC) is a free online media conversion web application that allows users to convert videos to various formats. With OVC, there is no need to install any software on user’s computer. It offers high quality and fast conversions to .mp3, .aac, .ogg, .wma, .m4a, .flac, .wav, .mp4, .avi, .mpg, .mov, .wmv, .mkv, .m4v, .webm, .flv, .3gp formats.

  • Click on the ‘Convert A Video Link/URLConvert YouTube Videos to MP3 - OVC-Copy.png
  • Paste the video URL that you want to get convertedConvert YouTube Videos to MP3 - OVC-Paste.png

OVC also lets you change the output audio format and change the bitrate according to your need.

#3 vidtomp3.com

VidToMP3 allows you to download YouTube videos and the audio from non-copyrighted clips. To convert and download YouTube videos:

  • Paste the video link that you want to get convertedConvert YouTube Videos - vid2mp3-convert
  • Click in ‘Click here to get your download link’ to download your audio fileConvert YouTube Videos - vid2mp3-download

Give these web applications a try to convert YouTube videos and download them. Let us know if you have any queries regarding How to download YouTube videos as MP3 in the comment section down below.

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