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Revamp your Android with Top Microsoft Apps

One of the great thing about Android is having lots of apps choices from the Google Play Store. In fact, we can somehow agree that the bundled Google services and apps play a role in Android’s popularity. But when it comes to Microsoft’s Windows Phone, the app gap may have resulted the death of Windows OS for Android. However, many of us are a big fan of it’s services instead of Google. If you’re one of them or even if not, here are some Microsoft Apps for Android to try out.Microsoft Apps - Generic

Top Microsoft Apps to Refashion Your Android Device

#1 Microsoft Word

When it comes to productivity, Office apps have been the focus. One of which is Microsoft Word. Whether you need to create/edit, view or share files, Word does it quickly with ease. Microsoft Word is well optimized for the Android OS. Thus, taking your user experience to another level.

Next time when you need a quick essay, letters, or even resumes on the go, turn towards Microsoft Word. You can easily download it from the Play Store here.

#2 Microsoft Powerpoint

Need to create a presentable presentation quickly when your PC isn’t around? Create/view presentations and even edit them without any hassle from the Microsoft Powerpoint app for Android. Although you don’t get all of the features as in a desktop, but Microsoft Powerpoint will definitely give you a cutting edge.Microsoft Powerpoint

Download Microsoft Powerpoint for Android here.

#3 Microsoft Excel

Like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel is one of the better choices to keep spreadsheets together on the move. Excel is free to use. You can input data or change things without worrying about the changes made in the overall format of your document. However, creating one from scratch might not seem like an appealing idea.Microsoft Excel

You can easily get Microsoft Excel from Play Store here.

#4 OneNote

OneNote is one of the best note-taking apps on Android. OneNote lets you easily write/draw your notes in the app and store everything, both offline and online in OneDrive storage. It’s very flexible and lets you scan your handwritten notes and pages. Also, OneNote has a powerful search feature, along with cross-platform availability that lets you find what you’re looking for.OneNote

Download OneNote NOW and get started to organize your notes with labels, save web clippings, take voice notes, and so much more with One OneNote.

#5 OneDrive

OneDrive is a feature-rich cloud storage service OneDrive integrating OneNote and Office apps for a smooth Android experience. The app allows automatic photo and video backup. You can link it to your camera roll to automatically sync photos to your OneDrive account. Also, OneDrive lets you download files for offline use.OneDrive

OneDrive rivals Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and other cloud services. However, The free OneDrive category comes with 5GB of storage. However, Office 365 subscription will get 1TB of cloud storage. If you’re not on Office 365, you can buy 100GB of storage for $1.99 a month or 200GB for $3.99.

#6 Skype

Skype is a messaging service that needs no introduction. Skype allows Skype to Skype texts, messaging and video calls free of costs. Nevertheless, Skype credits allow you to call landlines and mobiles phones.Skype

Skype supports sharing files, voice messages, and picture, too. Click Here to get Skype on your mobile device now.

#7 Outlook

Outlook is an email client, which most of us use on a daily basis. The email client allows you to check your emails along with downloading and opening attachments. Outlook supports for any domain name and also provides great file and calendar integration.Outlook

Get your Outlook client here.

The list of Microsoft Apps for Android goes on and on. It ranges from simplest apps like Next Lock Screen and Microsoft Edge to virtual AI assistant Cortana. Microsoft even has a catalog of all the apps Microsoft has created for Android. The application is called Microsoft Apps. It has seven different categories, so it’s easier for you to discover an app made by Microsoft.Microsoft Apps

Get Microsoft Apps from Play Store here.

Are you thinking of getting an entire Microsoft Makeover for your Android device? Let us know in the comment section below.

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