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How to unlock The Walking Dead Snapchat filter

Snapchat has a lot of cool filters that you can apply to your photos. Some of these filters just add colors to your photos while other add different graphics. Since these filters have grown popular, it is often used to promote important events and TV series. This is what AMC did to promote their highly acclaimed TV series – The Walking Dead. Since the 7th season of The Walking Dead is here, AMC just released a Snapchat filter to promote their TV series. This filter needs to be unlocked by taking a photo of a zombie icon. Note that this filter is region restricted and is only available in the United States. We’ll guide you through the whole process. Here’s how to unlock The Walking Dead Snapchat filter.

How to unlock The Walking Dead Snapchat filter

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app. Go to the camera screen and point your camera on the zombiefied QR code from the image below. Capture the photo of the zombiefied OR code. Or, you can tap and hold on it.zombie-qr-code-snapchat - unlock The Walking Dead Snapchat filter

Step 2: You will now be presented with a pop up asking if you want to unlock a special filter for an hour. Yes, unfortunately this filter lasts only for an hour. However, you can scan the above image again to unlock it again. Some users have reported that it lasted for a whole 24 hours but we cannot confirm that. Leave a comment below if it happens to you too.

Step 3: This special filter is region restricted so if you get directed to AMC’s website instead of getting the pop up, that means it is not available in your region. You can still use VPN apps to change your location to the United States and still get the filter.

This is it. Enjoy taking a ton of photos with is special filter.

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