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Everything you need to know about Macbook Pro Touch Bar

Apple recently launched the new Macbook Pro 2016 version with all new re-design and some really cool and interesting addition in the notebook. This Macbook Pro will definitely stand better than any other Macbook Pro out there. Apple confirms that these notebooks are the best that has ever been made. It’s faster and more powerful than before, yet remarkably thinner and lighter.  Instead of including a full touchscreen like most new Windows computers, Apple decided to go different from other as they usually do. So instead they offered the Touch Bar, which is amazing and it has many-many things to offer to the users. So let’s jump into it.

Macbook Pro Touch Bar

The area just above the keyboard is Touch Bar usually where function keys used to exist. A slim strip of an OLED display that sits above the keyboard.  It is just 60 pixels high but it’s a tool that has almost all ability that today world need. The Touch Bar is quite versatile. Touch Bar can be very useful for system controls like volume and brightness, interactive ways to adjust or browse through content, intelligent typing features like emoji and predictive text and more.

Editing in MacBook
Screenshot of Editing in MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Apple new Touch Bar lets you interact directly with software when you are editing photos or videos. Click into photos and you get options of editing tools like cropping, photo straightening and alignment. And in video editing you can use the space to scrub timing back and forward with just a swipe or if you are looking at the photo slide-show you can select a picture without having to bring controls on your screen.

Apple Pay
Screenshot of Apple Pay in Touch Bar

The new MacBook Pro is also the first Mac to include Touch ID. That feature was added right into the Touch Bar where the power button has been located. It allows users to log into their devices with their thumbprints (you can also have multiple accounts if you want to share the notebook with others) and you can also securely pay directly for items with Apple Pay.

Touch Bar Emojis
Screenshot of Emojis in Touch Bar

You will also get all kinds of Emojis right in the Touch Bar. In the mail app, you get the usual buttons such as reply or reply all but right in the Touch Bar, the app then predicts who you might want to add as recipient to this message.

Face Time
Screenshot of Face Time in Touch Bar

Now using the Touch Bar you can accept Facetimes right from the Touch Bar. Also when you are typing, you can get Quick Typing suggestions like on your iOS devices.

safari in macbook
Screenshot of tabs in safari

In safari, the Touch Bar shows your favorite websites when you have an empty tab. You can tap on it and Go or you can even switch from one tab to another with previous of all your open tabs in the Touch Bar.

Third party developers will be able to take advantage of the Touch Bar. In the new version of Adobe Photoshop, you can manipulate palettes, layers and versions of the same image using touch. We can also get lots of custom control in Photoshop.While the Touch Bar changes based on what app you’re using, the basic function keys are always a swipe away. i.e, if you are using Safari and you need to access the Escape key, just swipe from right to left, and they’ll reappear.

Touch Bar feature
Screenshot of feature in Touch Bar

It looks like the general function keys will still be there around the customizable area. In the top left corner, you will see a touch button replacing the Escape key for instance, at the very right, there will be a Siri button, the two buttons and a single brightness button that probably triggers another menu. There is also an arrow to view other shortcuts such as keyboard brightness. Users can also customize the Touch Bar by dragging and dropping new tools into it.

A multi-Touch Bar provides a more intuitive, more immediate connection to the content. Command that were once hidden are now visible, easily accessible and also customizable. In each application the most relevant controls are displayed dynamically, allowing us to work with greater efficiency. Overall the Touch Bar looks quite powerful and compelling.




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