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How to fix Android Nougat WiFi Problem

Android 7.0 Nougat is out and in my opinion, Google really put in some hard work with this one. However, some petty errors are bound to slip through even if Google is delivering constant updates. But they are simple enough for you to solve it yourself. Here’s how to fix Android Nougat WiFi Problem.android-n-wifi - Fix Android Nougat WiFi Problem

Fix Android Nougat WiFi Problem

Some people have reported that they are facing WiFi connectivity issues on their newly updated Nexus. While some of them complained that their connection has significantly slowed down, some reported that the WiFi is completely broken. Here how you can fix both the issues. Here’s how to fix Android Nougat WiFi Problem.

Solution 1: First we try the oldest and simplest solution – restarting the device. This eliminates most of the underlying problems. After your device has finished booting, turn on the WiFi and it should work. If it doesn’t, keep reading.

Solution 2: Another simple trick includes rebooting your router. Most of the time the culprit is the router and turning it off and on again fixes the problem. Waiting about 5 minutes before turning the router on is recommended.

Solution 3: If you still have the problem, reconnecting to the WiFi might help. Remove the WiFi connection and reenter the password.

Solution 4: Last fix is to change the frequency of the WiFi connection if your device supports it. To do so, tap on the menu button (3 vertical dots) when inside WiFi connection and bring up the advanced menu. If your device supports it, you should see option to change WiFi frequency band along with other options. Set it to automatic if none of the options work.

You should now be able to connect to and use WiFi without any issues on Android 7.0 Nougat. Note that this fix is for Nexus devices as Android N is available for them and other manufacturers tend to tweak their devices and put in their own skin and modifications. So if you have a Samsung device and facing this problem, wait for then to fix it. This fix may however work for all devices.

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  1. None of those solutions worked for me. However, what did work was this.

    1. Go to the Settings area.
    2. Go to “Backup & Reset” section.
    3. Choose the “Network settings Reset”.
    4. At the bottom, press Reset Settings. Approve/say yes.

    Should be pretty quick. Then go back to your WiFi settings, select the network you want to join, and enter in the password. You should connect fine after that.

  2. None of those listed are solutions. Neither the reset of the Networks. After one day, the phone doesn’t connect to any networks. It sits there trying to search for available networks unsuccessfully. It drain the battery and the data plan. The only way to get WiFi back is to reboot the phone. Not the greatest solution at all. There is at least three threads circulating in the Google forums mentioning this incredible oversight on Google’s part. This not only affects the 5X but also some 6P’s

    • Hi, I am facing a similar issue. I own a moto Nexus 6 running Android 7.0 which I updated around 2 weeks back or so. The wifi was working until yesterday. Suddenly, my phone cannot detect any network. I have tried rebooting, resetting the network settings, rebooting the router. I also did a factory reset and yet no solution. I still cannot see any wifi networks. The phone endlessly scans for wifi but cannot see anything. Please guide.

      • This problem is in wifi advanced setting set wifi region code on Nougat is missing I caming from mashmallow 6.0.1 and it has this menu and I allways fix wifi error connection in this menu

        • Hello
          I have the same issue mentioned with SID but I still have no solution, and I didn’t understand your reply
          could you elaborate further


    • I tried everything suggested, but nothing worked (even reset settings on my phone). I have a MotoX Pure Edition. After my update, today to Nougat from Marshmallow, I noticed the LTE icon at home, when it should have been connected to my network. My wifi in settings said wifi disabled, but the wifi button was turned on. My network would authenticate and save, but not connect. I finally went to the advanced wireless settings on my phone, then to WPS push button. I pushed the WPS button on my router, and then hit WPS button on my phone (it didn’t work when I pushed it on my phone first). It authenticated quickly, then connected. It seems like this glitch is a little different for different phones and home networks, nothing worked for me, so I thought I would try this, and it worked! Good luck, hope this helps someone.

  3. Hi,I am also go the same issue on Moto G 4 Plus..
    Wi-Fi issues in latest nought 7.0 update..It is so irritating..
    Have done he above solutions still problem is not resolved yet..

  4. This very same issue happened on my Note 5 when I updated it to Marshmallow.
    I tried every solution I could find but failed to resolve it until an update was launched by Samsung and that sorted it immediately. I had to wait 4 months for that update and spent a fortune on data from my carrier and also a huge amount of wasted time trying to solve the issue.

    Its really unacceptable that this is happening all over again now on my S7. I would have at least expected that the lessons would have been learned form previous mistakes.

  5. If you’re on AT&T, disable AT&T Smart WiFi app. It’s turning the WiFi on and OFF when it thinks it’s needed or not needed. In the case of Android Nougat, AT&T Smart WiFi is not smart at all. It’ll turn off the WiFi whether you need it or not. So disable it immediately.

    • Thank you GAMacky, after trying a bunch of suggestions in this thread nothing worked. Once I disabled AT&T Smart WiFi app, my connection stays stable. Thanks again

  6. I’m a complete non-tech guy, but there is a very specific problem with this phone, that I fixed once when I got it a year ago, and had to figure out a completely different solution to when they reinstated the problem with the most recent Nougat update. A Moto G4 phone does not come with the hardware to receive a 5.0ghz wifi signal. Yet the software that came with the phone had it searching for a 5.0ghz signal. So, out of the box, it would connect to my home 2.4ghz signal, see the 5.0ghz signal, try to connect to that, be unable to, then drop them both. With the old software, I was able to go into the wifi settings on the phone and have it only use 2.4ghz signal. Problem solved. Then the Nougat update came along, and then option to reset the software on the phone to not use 5.0ghz is gone. So you have to go onto the settings for your home wifi router and disable the 5.0ghz signal. It’s ridiculous that Motorola would design a phone like this, then disable the workaround that was possible under the old software. But it works.

  7. I’m using lenovo zuk z1, i have upgrade it to os 7.1.1 and now when iam trying to connet my wifi it is showing the devices but not connecting only showing device saved.

    • hi,

      did u manage to find the solution to this problem. I am having the same problem. Please let me know if you were able to get the solution for this.

  8. Hi Am Muhammed Janif .I am using HUAWEI GT3[honor 5c].Recently i updated to Nougat.Now my wifi is not working.It will disconnect randomly if it connects.I couldnt access the internet using wifi.Sometimes it show connection time out.And I am usin a Jiofi router.PLEASE help me.I Hadnt faced any issue on my previous update

  9. Hello sir
    MY problem is same as problem is Muhammed Janif I’m use a handset is Huawei NMO-L31 I am update official nougat and let’s start problem to my home WiFi this is connected but show error message is (Internet not access)I don’t know why problem so please tell me solutions .

  10. I am having problem with wifi setting in Huawei honor 6x(Android 7). It connects with jiofi router but with other wifi networks it shows incorrect password without even asking it

  11. hello there, I too have had nougat update on Moto Z, and now the wifi is completely dead… tried everything except one thing: how to install the previous android via usb, now that would be helpful a bit, does anyone know how to do that?

  12. Hi. I have an LG Q6 which comes with Android 7.1.1. When i am already connected to the network in like 2 minutes after that it just disconnects and then connects again automatically for no reason. I have tried all the methods in this page and nothing works. I even tried setting the IP address type to static instead of dynamic but it still doesn’t fix the issue. It seems to be a problem with this new Android sofware version, please help. Thanks in advance

  13. Hi, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some
    overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Other then that, awesome blog!

  14. Note 5 on android 7.0
    Phone does not have triple dot in settings area nor a “backup and reset” section WiFi continuously drops off claiming it has no internet connection. All other devices sharing connection do so seamlessly. I have tried restarting phone restarting router and forgetting network and reconnecting. During that time it claimed authentication error and then connected without retyping the password. The settings area looks different then videos showing nougat but the phone claims android 7.0


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