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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Crashing?

The Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung is a fantastic flagship smartphone with a wide range of features. This phone has fantastic cameras, a solid battery, and a ton of internal storage. Additionally, Samsung has also added an incredible on-screen fingerprint sensor. But there’s no denying that this phone is among Samsung’s best flagship models ever made. However, it doesn’t negate the possibility of further development. Some new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra owners have experienced frequent phone crashes when attempting to perform demanding tasks like gaming. We are offering some simple solutions that may be able to remedy this kind of problem. While this issue is primarily seen in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can use this troubleshooting guide on your S22 and S22 Plus too. Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra crashing.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Crashing

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Crashing?

You can try to fix this issue by following the methods listed below until Samsung rolls out an official update to patch this annoying issue.


You will first need to reboot the smartphone because it’s possible that cache data on it has prevented it from functioning properly. Therefore, you must restart your device and see if that works. Although many customers previously stated that the persistent crashing issue was resolved after rebooting their S22 ultra, we are confident that this solution will help you.


We also advise that you totally shut down your device and leave it in that state for a while. Restart it after that to see if the crashing problem has been fixed. This may not be a sure-shot fix, but it’s better than nothing.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Crashing


Uninstall Recent Apps

The likelihood that a certain app is the cause of your crashing problem increases if the problem doesn’t go away after rebooting or shutting down your device. So, we suggest that you try to identify the offending app and remove it from your smartphone. Many people have previously claimed that deleting the troublesome app from their phones automatically fixes the crashing problem. Whether you give this a shot, please notify us if it works for you as well. If you recently installed some apps and then started experiencing this issue, deleting that app will certainly fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra crashing.

Check Storage

Even if it is up to date, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might require space cleaning if it is completely full or near capacity. Additionally, if it is just under 10% free, it needs to be cleaned up. Your device will run more smoothly if you clean it up. Go to Settings > Storage to get started.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Crashing

Check for Updates

Installing and downloading the most recent operating system updates is necessary to keep your device working at its peak performance. With the new update, you’ll receive new features and security updates. Therefore, it may be necessary to update the operating system if it repeatedly reboots and crashes. There are numerous instances where the crashing problem is fixed by simply updating the firmware. Samsung might have already rolled out a fix and you might have missed it. Better check it right now.

Factory Reset

If everything else fails, a factory reset might just do the trick. You should back up all your files before attempting this as factory resetting your device will erase all your personal data.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Type Factory Data Reset on the Search Bar.
  • Tap on Reset, follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the reboot.



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