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How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22?

It is annoying if the data on your Samsung Galaxy S22 mobile phone drops out, is slow, or occasionally does not work. It depends on a number of factors, and if your Samsung S22 Ultra cellular data isn’t working, your work productivity will suffer. Regardless of whether you have a premium service provider subscription, you will undoubtedly run into problems. Read on to know how to fix mobile data not working on Samsung Galaxy S22.

The following troubleshooting guide will work on Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra.

How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22?

There are several causes for the Samsung S22 Plus’s inability to use mobile data. Continue reading the article to identify the problem’s cause and to learn how to resolve the Samsung S22 mobile data issue at the same time. Here’s how to fix mobile data not working on Samsung Galaxy S22. If the issue is a software bug, the troubleshooting guide listed below can help you resolve it.

Check Mobile Data Limit

Not all of us can afford an unlimited data plan. The network providers know this and they off limited data plans. Most of us usually forget about this and ignore roaming entirely. When you’ve reached the cap on your data limit, connecting to the internet will be impossible. You might have received an SMS from the network provider that you might have missed. So, before you do anything, check if you have reached the data limit.

Toggle Airplane Mode

In regards to cell phones and mobile data, this is an old trick. People still employ this tactic whenever there is a mobile network problem. You must drag down the notification bar and access the Quick Settings menu in order to do this. The shortcut to activating airplane mode can be found there. To activate flight mode, tap it. After a short wait, turn it off.

Mobile Data Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22

Make sure to turn on cellular data once more after disabling airplane mode. Continue to the next option if it still doesn’t work.


As simple as it might sound, sometimes all a device needs is a reboot. Your smartphone will start to have issues if it’s been a long since you last restarted it. And one of them might be the issue with mobile data. Reboot it and then try activating mobile data once more. Continue to the next remedy if this one is ineffective.

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Reset Network Settings

We can refresh our device’s network settings in a manner similar to how we reset its settings. A network reset will fix any configurations that are preventing you from using your mobile data. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to the device’s Settings.
  • Find General Management and tap on it.
  • Select the Reset option.
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • Follow the instructions and confirm your action.

Try using mobile data again and if this doesn’t work either, move to the next point.

Mobile Data Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22

Remove Sim

This approach has been really effective for several people. This method has assisted troublesome customers of various Android handsets in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones. Turn off your phone first and with an ejector PIN found on the smartphone’s retail packaging, remove the SIM card tray from the smartphone’s slot. Pull out the Sim and rub it on a soft cloth. After that, insert it properly back into the SIM slot. Try accessing the mobile data on your phone after turning it on now.

Software Update

Samsung releases updates for its cell phones whenever an issue has to be fixed. An update might be able to fix everything, even the mobile data issue.

  • Open the Settings.
  • Go to Software Update.
  • Download and install the update if it is available.

Clear Cache

A lot of problems on Android smartphones are brought on by corrupted cache. Therefore, you must completely wipe out your cache partition before seeing if your mobile data problem is resolved. Here’s how you do that.

  • Turn your device off.
  • Long press the Volume Up and Power buttons together. Release the buttons when you get into Android Recovery.
  • Using your volume keys, navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and press the Power button to confirm your action.
  • After you wipe the cache, let the device reboot.

Factory Reset

Your smartphone’s factory reset will restore everything to its default settings and return everything to its original state. Smartphone software issues are frequently resolved with a factory reset. Therefore, a factory reset could resolve the mobile data problem. On your smartphone, you must, however, make a backup of everything. Your internal storage will be completely empty after a factory reset.

  • Navigate to Settings > General Management.
  • Tap on Reset.
  • Select Factory Reset from the available options.
  • Enter the Pin when prompted.
  • Tap on Delete All.

Insert Sim on another Device

Remove the SIM tray from the device by using the SIM ejector PIN. Remove your SIM card from it and insert it into another smartphone. If your carrier is at fault and mobile data still does not function on another smartphone then contact your service operator’s customer support. However, if the cellular data on another smartphone functions well, your S22 smartphone is the issue. You must then take it to the nearby Samsung service facility. They ought to be able to assist you.



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