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How to Fix Camera Crashing in Samsung Galaxy S22?

The first smartphones featuring the Exynos 2200 chipset are those in the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Considering that Samsung worked closely with AMD to build this chipset, it is a highly publicized product. The performance of the GPU is therefore subject to high expectations. However, the technology in its first generation appears to be undercooked, and many consumers are now expressing their dissatisfaction over problems that shouldn’t exist with a device at this price point. The camera interface and shutter lagging and crashing are one specific issue that has bothered a lot of users. So, we’ll talk about every option you have in this article to attempt and solve the issue. Here’s how to fix camera crashing in Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra.

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How to Fix Camera Crashing in Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra?

Users of the Exynos-powered Samsung S22 devices have voiced concerns about camera performance. Shutter lag, UI slowdown, and full unresponsiveness are all possible issues. Although there are no known fixes for this issue, you can take a few preventative measures to stop it from regularly occurring on your smartphone before an official update gets rolled out.

Immediate Workaround

If you immediately need to capture a photo then use the Expert Raw mode. Although the shutter speed in the Expert Raw mode is very quick, the image processing process takes some time. As a result, you can temporarily cure the slow shutter speed problem, but you’ll need to wait a while for the image to process.

Fix Camera Crashing in Samsung Galaxy S22


It’s necessary to reboot your smartphone if it fully freezes when you try to use the camera app or if you are experiencing issues with the camera far too regularly. Any discrepancy that the software may develop over time is resolved by restarting the smartphone. Therefore, to keep the Samsung Galaxy S22 in good shape, restart it periodically.

Repair in Recovery Mode

The Samsung Galaxy series’ recovery mode has a wide range of troubleshooting tools. You can use this hack if your camera crashes.

  • Power down your device.
  • Plug in the USB cable and connect it to a computer.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button and Power button.
  • Let go of the buttons after you see the Samsung logo.
  • From the list of options, select Repair Apps using the volume buttons to navigate.
  • Press the Power button to confirm.
  • Let the recovery Optimize Apps.
  • The phone will restart automatically.

Fix Camera Crashing in Samsung Galaxy S22

Check Temperature

You must constantly check the temperature of your cell phones. If you were using a resource-intensive app on your smartphone, it would get hot. Therefore, you should set your smartphone aside to allow it to cool down if it feels warm to the touch. Open the camera app to take photos and record videos once the smartphone has cooled down.

Remember that the smartphone will get hot if you use the camera app for an extended period of time. Therefore, refrain from simply leaving the camera app open while you aren’t using it. Additionally, avoid recording lengthy recordings all at once. Short clips can be recorded and later combined in a video editing program if a lengthier recording is required.

Clear Background Processes

Occasionally, when using your smartphone frequently, people forget to stop any background running apps. Therefore, if we have other programs like video games or websites running behind the scenes while we use the camera app, that will consume a lot of power. The phone will lag and the camera may occasionally stutter due to all the apps fighting for CPU time. Therefore, it is preferable to stop any running background activities before utilizing the camera app.

  • Open Settings and go to Battery.
  • Tap on Device Care.
  • Select Memory.
  • Select the app you want to stop running in the background and then tap the Clear button.

Charge Battery

Battery life is an additional factor that many users ignore. The camera program uses a small amount of power when your battery is low, and since it has a small power consumption, it may not work properly. You will experience camera application lag even in that situation.

The only course of action available to you in this situation is to recharge the battery before attempting to use the application yet again. Even with a low battery, you can disable battery-saving features in an emergency, but doing so will quickly drain your smartphone’s remaining power.

Factory Reset

It’s time to try a factory reset if none of the solutions are effective. You should only perform a factory reset as a last option. Performing a factory reset will erase all of your custom and personal data. Therefore, you must make a backup before attempting a factory reset. You can conduct the factory reset by following the instructions listed below once you have your backup ready.

  • Go to Settings > General Management.
  • Tap on Reset.
  • Select Factory Data Reset and follow the instructions.

Fix Camera Crashing in Samsung Galaxy S22



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