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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 GPS Accuracy Issue?

Early in 2022, the South Korean technology behemoth Samsung did unveil its flagship Galaxy S22 series, which ran Android 12 over top of One UI 4.1. Although the Galaxy S22 models include connectivity choices for GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, and GALILEO, it appears that the top-tier Samsung Galaxy handsets have some navigational problems. There have been several reports of GPS issues with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones. Now, if your Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone is also having this problem, don’t panic; we’ve listed a few solutions below that ought to be able to help. You can follow this guide if you’re having a problem with the accuracy of GPS. Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 GPS accuracy issue.

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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 GPS Accuracy Issue?

Either every application that essentially uses GPS is either constantly losing signal or perpetually displaying the “looking for GPS” error message. According to certain reports, Samsung is informed of the GPS-related problem on Galaxy S22 devices and is working on a patch repair for it. This is among the most annoying problems experienced by the impacted users. There is a chance that the patch has already been rolled out, but if you’re still having issues with GPS, follow this guide. Let’s dive in and see how to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 GPS accuracy issue.


To start with, try restarting the Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphone to make sure there isn’t a problem with the temporary cache or any sort of system flaw. Restarting the device by holding down the Power key for an extended period of time and choosing Restart is strongly advised. You can try and check the GPS accuracy or connectivity again when the device has been fully rebooted.

Check Updates

As mentioned previously, the manufacturer might already have rolled out an update to patch this issue. So go ahead and do this right away. GPS-related problems and other system performance issues could be caused by an older software version or some faults.

  • Go to Settings and scroll down.
  • Select Software Update and tap on Download and Install.
  • After the reboot, check if the issue is gone.

Reset GPS

The steps listed below should be used to simply reset the GPS feature on the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones. Although you’ll have to utilize a third-party program to change the GPS settings, some users say it might be worthwhile.

  • Open Google Play Store and search for GPS Status & Toolbox.
  • After the app is installed, launch it and allow all the permissions.
  • On the upper left corner, tap on the hamburger menu icon.
  • Tap on Manage A-GPS State.
  • Hit the reset button and wait for the process to finish.
  • Restart and check if the issue is gone.

 Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 GPS Accuracy

Disable Battery Saver

If you’re using a battery-saving or power-saving mode on your device, you should consider disabling it to examine the GPS accuracy or troubleshoot any issues.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Battery and Device Care.
  • Disable Power Saving Mode.

Check Battery Restrictions

Try the following steps to remove the battery limitation for the Maps app on the Galaxy S22 series device.

  • Open Settings and go to Apps.
  • Find Google Maps and tap on it.
  • Tap on the Battery section and enable Allow Background Activity.
  • Again, go to Optimize Battery Usage.
  • Tap on the toggle next to Maps to disable the optimization.

 Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 GPS Accuracy

Manage Location Accuracy

Follow the instructions below to adjust the location accuracy on your smartphone’s location settings menu if your device is using GPS properly but the precision isn’t always reliable.

  • Go to Settings and then tap on Location.
  • Navigate to the Improve Accuracy tab.
  • Turn the Wifi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning on.
  • Go ahead Restart and check if the issue is gone.

Calibrate Sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series device’s gyroscope sensor appears to be utilizing the angular rotational velocity and acceleration along X, Y, and Z-axis. Although the device’s GPS may occasionally not function properly, the accelerometer sensor is used to track the device’s rotation or twist. In that case, calibrate the phone’s gyroscope sensor to see if the GPS issue has been resolved or not. You will need a 3rd party app for this.

  • Head over to Google Play Store and download the Sensor Test app.
  • Launch the app and tap on the Test button next to Gyroscope.
  • Follow the instructions to calibrate the sensor.
  • Check if the issue is gone.

 Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 GPS Accuracy

Wipe Cache

Try clearing the cache partition using the default recovery option if the aforementioned techniques didn’t work for you. Don’t be concerned about losing any data because it doesn’t remove any user data. To resolve the GPS-related issue, simply follow the steps below.

  • Turn off your device.
  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume buttons for a few seconds.
  • When you’re in the Recovery, use the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to select.
  • Select Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Confirm your action and let the process finish.
  • After the restart, check the issue.

Factory Reset

Make sure to simply perform a factory reset to wipe out all the data if none of the solutions you tried worked to fix the GPS. Sometimes a persistent software bug or a setup problem can interfere with GPS connectivity. Because the factory reset approach will erase all the data be sure to create a complete data backup of the device.

  • Power down your device.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume buttons to get into Recovery.
  • Use the Volume keys to navigate.
  • Select Factory Data Reset and press the Power button.
  • Follow the instruction and let the device restart.



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