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Nokia no longer working on Android smartphone and tablet

Nokia has been sticking to the windows phone platform for quite a long time and a few months back, it was announced that Microsoft is going to buy the mobile division of the Finish Company for  $7.2 billion. The Microsoft -Nokia deal is set to be sealed as soon as January 2014. Only recently, surprising news hit the tech blog which indicated that Nokia, despite of the ongoing Microsoft deal, was working on an Android platform smartphone and tablet under the project name- “Normandy ”.  This was exciting news for fans who were eager for Android based Nokia devices.  However, recent news confirms that Nokia is now abandoning its plans for Android based devices.

Nokia Normandy phone leaked by @evleaks

A Chinese tech media has obtained some inside info on Nokia and have confirmed that Nokia is abandoning its plans for android smartphones and tables to focus on developments of wearable devices and smart glasses which it plans to launch in 2015.  The Chinese source also revealed that Nokia was in-fact working on some handset models and a 7 inch Android tablet.

It’s a shame that Nokia is no longer making android smartphones because Lumina designs with the user interface of Android OS could have turned the tide for Nokia. Though it is not stated officially, the Microsoft deal is likely the cause of the end of Nokia’s Android plans.



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