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Nokia’s Z Launcher is now available in the Play Store to download

The Beta version of Nokia’s Z Launcher is now available in the Google Play Store to download. It has been about five months that Nokia has announced the development of the new launcher, which was only available to the limited amount of users from its website. Nokia has a blog posted in the official Z launcher site, which says the launcher is released along with the Nokia N1 (and will be preloaded in it, and will be available in the market only from February next year), a new tablet which runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

nokia's z launcher

It is the good response by the users that Nokia had been compelled to develop the beta version and release it officially in the Google Play Store, and according to the team, the new and attractive features which are contained in the Z launcher can be summarized as:

  • It is more fast than before, and in various aspects like zooming, swapping, tapping, clicking and many more. The advancement has been done in almost every possible area, so that the user has to wait as less as possible.
  • The security also grows high in it. The users get better protection using this, and the team has done everything which brings more context to the algorithm.
  • Z launcher, has now improved the recognition and response time better than the previous version, and also has an added Pinyin Chinese language support.
  • The Nokia’s Z launcher is now also supported in the rooted devices, which was the request by many of the users in their forums.

For tablet users, however, this launcher is not yet available. Seeing the progress, we expect the Nokia team to launch the official out of Beta version of the Z Launcher in the Play Store very soon, which will make every users to enjoy the privileges of it.




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