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Hide Hole Punch on Samsung Galaxy S10 [How To]

Instead of going for the “notch” on their newest addition to Galaxy family of devices, Samsung went with the new “hole-punch” design. This allows Samsung Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus to have thinner bezels on the top of the screen. The Galaxy S10 and S10 E have a circle hole punch, while the Galaxy S10 Plus has a longer cut out for its dual lens front facing camera. This design may let users have more screen but some may find it a bit ugly to look at, especially on the Galaxy S10 Plus. But there are ways you can hide the cutout. Here’s how to hide hole punch on Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 E, and S10 Plus.

Hide Hole Punch on Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 E, and S10 Plus

There are two ways to can hide the annoying hole punch – you can “disable” it or you can be more creative with your wallpapers. Let’s get into it.

Method 1: Turn it off

You can hide the hole punch from the device’s settings. There’s an option to do that. If you don’t mind sacrificing some of the screen space, then this is the option for you. Go to Settings > Display > Full Screen Apps > select Hide front camera. Doing this will add a black bar on the top of the screen. This will hide the camera’s hole punch but it will look like the device has a thick bezel. This black bar will also show when you are on full-screen viewing mode and as well as when using the camera. If you don’t mind that, then enable this option. However, if you think you can’t live with a thick bezel, then follow the next method. Hide Hole Punch on Samsung Galaxy S10

Method 2: Get creative with wallpaper

We get it. you bought this device because you wanted less bezel and more screen. So instead of hiding the hole with an ugly black bar, you can get creative with the wallpapers. You can make it the part of the wallpaper. This thread in redit has some of the most creative wallpapers to hide the hole in Galaxy S10, S10 E, and S10 Plus. If you have a wallpaper in your mind that you think will work, there is also a cut-out template you can use to make yourself a creative wallpaper. Download a wallpaper or make your own and then go to Wallpapers and Thems on Settings  > find the wallpaper and set it as your wallpaper.

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