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Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store [How To]

It is natural to blame the WiFi when you see a “Download Pending” error when trying to download an app from the Google Play Store. It can be really annoying at times; especially when you are need of the app urgently. This problem may occur due to a weak WiFi signal, but that may not be the issue every time. You can try connecting to a different Wifi and it may start downloading, but the issue may not be the WiFi at all. You may also reboot your device hoping it would work. It may work but you do not need to reboot at all. Here’s how to fix Download Pending error in Google Play Store.

Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store

The reason for this problem is Auto-Updates. There are apps that download and update in the background, like Google Services. So at the time of you trying to download a new app, an update may be ongoing. So for your new app to download, the ongoing download must be stopped. We know enabling auto updates saves a lot of time and work but that is what’s causing the issue here. So we need to disable it. Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store Open the Google Play Store app and tap on the hamburger menu or just slide from left to right. Then, select My apps & games and stop the updates if there are any. And also on the Google Play Store’s settings, stop auto updates. The next time you’re about to download an app, you will not have to wait. If that didn’t work, a simple cache clearance might work. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > tap on Clear Cache. The path may slightly differ on certain devices. You can also Force Stop the app while you’re in there. You can also use the Google Play site to download the app you want if you come across Download Pending issue. Just go to the site, search for the app, tap on Install and then select the device. One of the above solutions will fix this issue. Note that sometime it may actually be the WiFi’s fault. Make sure you keep your calm. Also Read:



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