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Take Scrolling Screenshot on Android [How To]

You probably have tons of screenshots on your smartphone. It is a convenient way to share something and takes only a fraction of your time – just perform the buttons combo and you’re done. It may be a conversation with your teacher about information on something that you need to share with your classmates, or it may be a cute dress that you want your sister to see; no matter what the scenario is, screenshot it and share. But what if you need to share multiple pages or screens? You could take multiple screenshot and share it. Or you can do something far more convenient – take a scrolling screenshot. What is a scrolling screenshot you ask? Well, it is basically multiple screenshots joined into one long screenshot. Some modern devices offer this function, but for those who don’t, there is an app for that. Here’s how to take scrolling screenshot on Android.

Take Scrolling Screenshot on Android

There are tons of apps that allow you to take scrolling screenshots, but we will be talking about LongShot and Super Screenshot in this article. The reason behind me recommending these apps is because they are intuitive and entirely free to use.


When you first open the app, you will realize how easy it is to use. All the things you’ll ever need from the app is right on the first screen. You will see 3 options – Capture Screenshot, Capture Web Page and Select Images. Capture Screenshot option will take a screenshot of all the web pages you visit for you to select and put together later. Capture Web Page will take a scrolling screenshot of the entire page. You will need to enter the URL first. You can even set the start position and the end position while taking a scrolling screenshot. You will be shown a preview of the screenshot. Get it from the Google Play Store. take scrolling screenshot on Android

Super Screenshot

The basic functionality of all the 3rd party screenshot apps are the same; what you choose depends on your preference. Super Screenshot is another 3rd party scrolling screenshot app for Android. It is easy to use and needs no root access. After taking the screenshot, you can even resize, add text and perform some other edits. The screenshots you take are safely stored in your storage and with its built-in sharing feature, you can easily send it to anyone easily. The app is completely free to use and works with any device with Android 4.0 and above. Find it on the Google Play Store. take scrolling screenshot on AndroidAlso Read:



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