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Greet visitors in your office from your iPad with Greetly!


Receptionists are a vital part of many offices, big or small. They have a lot of roles, from micro tasks to big ones, typically speaking, their tasks vary from as small as serving coffee, to as big as boosting sales and increasing the overall size of the company. Hence, we cannot argue with the fact that receptionists are the superheroes for their companies, and are equally as important as other major roles.

Well, here comes the point! How can you increase the efficiency of your receptionist? To help you with this, there is a new app in the market: Greetly.

How does Greetly help you?

The Greetly App , as its name suggests, greets your visitors in your office. You can install this app on your iPad (this is supported by iPad 2 or later versions), and set the way you want to greet your visitors. Once you have this app in your iPad, you place it in your office’s reception area. As visitors enter your office, (s)he selects the purpose of their visit and the person they are there to see. Immediately, Greetly instantly notifies the employee in your office (the host) by text message, voice call and email.


Well, this feature is pretty cool to have in any type of office, isn’t it? Moreover, you can get all these features with a small amount of payment (of course, the money that you spend on this app would be far less than you pay a live receptionist). There are three types of packages available: Standard, which costs $49 per month, Pro, which costs $99 per month and Enterprise, which costs you $199 per month. The good part is that you can have this app for one month (full app, not a trial version), without having to pay anything. During this period, if you like the service (which is bound to happen seeing the feature-price ratio of this app), you continue using Greetly on a monthly basis with no long-term commitments. If you don’t like, then simply uninstall the app and cancel your service.

If your receptionist does nothing more than just greeting the visitors and notifying the hosts, then Greetly can replace them and save your company a lot of your money. If your receptionist does more than that, we can’t say that it can replace them, but rather it will help them increase the productivity, and give you a lot more benefit than what you pay. Last but not the least, it would be so cool to have an ‘app’ greet the users, the tech geeks would love that, and as the app won’t do any mistake like the human does, you are likely to have more sales.

Visit the official Greetly App to avail the service, or to download the app for your iPad and start using Greetly service right away.

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