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How to Delete Google Plus Account Permanently

Google is world’s most famous and used search engine. If you make one Google account, it will be used in all Google related accounts like Gmail, Google Play store, YouTube etc. One interesting things is that you will automatically have Google Plus Account when you create Google account. Google Plus takes you to new world where you can explore your interest. You can share content, like and comment on other content. It is quite similar to Facebook and Twitter.

Delete Google Plus Account Permanently

Many people are OK with other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. So they think it is useless to be connected with any more social networking site. Some of them also think it is waste of account. It is also very irritating when you get lots of notification without using it at all. So, if you are one among them who just want to Delete Google Plus Account Permanently because of whatever reason then you have come to right place. Here I will let you know simple and easy steps to Delete your Google Plus Account.

How to Delete Google Plus Account Permanently

Step 1: Log-in your Google Plus Account

Step 2: Click on your profile photo that you see on the top right corner of the screen

my account

Step 3: Now you will see some options, select “My Account ”, it will direct you to the settings page


Step 4: Go to Account Preference and then click on Delete your account or services option.

Account Preference

Step 5: There you will see two options- Delete products and Delete Google Account and data. Click on Delete products

Delete products

[quote bcolor=”red”] Note: If you select Delete Google Accounts and data then your whole Google account will be deleted including all the data associated with the account. i.e Your Gmail account, YouTube account, Play store account.[/quote]

Step 6: Re-Enter your Google account password when asked and you will be directed to a new page where you will find different accounts (Eg: Google Plus, YouTube,Gmail) associated with Google account.

Re- enter password

Step 7: Click on the Trash Button by Google Plus [You can see trash button on right side of every account].move to trash

Deleting your Google Plus account will not affect other Google Products like Search, Gmail and your Google Account. But yes, there are things associated with Google Plus will certainly be removed like posts, comments. In case you want to get Google Plus account back, just log-in to Google Plus using Google account and create new profile as your old account is permanently deleted.

So, now you have learned How to Delete Google Plus Account Permanently. Hope you will be free from unwanted notification of Google Plus that irritates you.


  1. Thank you for your article! However, there’s no longer a way to permanently delete google plus. I want to get rid of the account completely without having the option to create a new account with my username already on the profile page ready to set up at any moment. There HAS TO BE a way around this. And how do we delete an old YouTube account permanently. I deleted an account in February and I can STILL log into it. We need to know how to make YouTube and Google go away COMPLETELY after account deletion.


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