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Change your eye color with Eye Color Studio for Android

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Ever wonder how you would look if your eyes were of different color? Or, are you planning on getting colored contact lens but not sure which ones will look good on you? Worry not, gone are the days when you’d have to be a Photoshop expert just to change your eye colors. In this smartphone era, you simple have to snap a “selfie”, load the picture on a eye color changer app and then apply hundreds of colors to your eyes.

There are many apps in the Google play store which allow you to change eye colors but one of the best free apps is Eye Color Studio by Modiface. ModiFace uses its facial simulation technology to create photo-realistic eye color effects with over 100 standard, exotic, animalistic, scary contacts and you can even create your own color effect. Colored contacts can look different in different lightings so, Eye Color Studio also has the option to change the opacity of the color effects to simulate lighter and darker environmental conditions.

Definitely, this is the best app to try out if you want to find out which eye color suits your complexion as well as personality. Eye Color Studio for Android is also available in premium ads-free version. Go ahead and have fun with this app:

Download Eye Studio Color Free for Android



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