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Fix Exchange ActiveSync(EAS) connection error in Android KitKat

One of the few problems we are experiencing with the latest Android KitKat 4.4 is linked with the Exchange ActiveSync feature. In the previous post, we gave a short fix for the EAS sync error where your EAS account doesn’t sync even when you select the “sync now” option. In this post, we will show you how to solve the EAS connection error which pops up every time you are trying to connect to your EAS account.

This connection error seems to plague users who setup the “corporate” email account in EAS.   The error appears as “Acoount_name Connection error”. Here is how you might solve this EAS connection issue :Exchange ActiveSync(EAS) connection error in Android

  • Go to system settings>> Accounts>>Corporate>>Remove your account (Press menu and select “remove account”)
  • Now again from settings>> Accounts>>Corporate>>Re-Add your EAS account
  • After verification is complete your account should be ready to sync

Note: This fix won’t permanently solve the issue and you will have to do the whole thing again every time the EAS connection error pops up.



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