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Top Android Puzzle Games

Here we have a list of the top Android Puzzle Games. Keep in mind that while some of them are free, they may still have in-app purchase feature.

Angry Birds (All)Angry Birds

If you own an android device and say you have never heard about Angry Birds, then you’re probably lying. These simple yet extremely addictive physics based puzzle games are free (most of them). No matter what version of angry birds you are playing, the main element is the same – it shows the centuries old war between birds and pigs which started when the hungry pigs stole the birds’ eggs. The gameplay is simple – you use a slingshot to throw the birds at your disposal and hit the pigs. You will be introduced to new birds with new powers when you go on completing the levels. However, Angry Birds is not just about throwing birds and hitting the pigs; you need to carefully use available birds to bring down the fort. Currently there are several games inside Angry Birds franchise which are mentioned below.

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Candy Crush SagaCandy Crush

This is another highly addictive game found on most android device these days. Once you get addicted to this game, it will suck up all your time. You’ll be playing this when you’re on a café, lying on your bed at night, while traveling on a public bus and even when you are having some private time inside the bathroom. This is because this game never finishes. The frequent updates keeps on adding new levels along with new tools to use. The gameplay is simple – you match at least 3 candies of same color to break them. The moves you can perform are limited in each level and the objectives are different too. Aligning he candies in specific order will give you special candies that performs different functions. Recently King (the company behind this game) released another equally addictive game called Candy Crush Soda. You will get little frustrated at times while playing this game but other than that Candy Crush is an awesome time killer.

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Contre JourContre Jour

The main objective of Contre Jour is to get Petit to safety by manipulating the environment and collecting the stars along the way. You use your fingers to manipulate the environment using basic gravity principles, elastic and non-elastic strings, etc. Progressively, you’ll encounter new elements and enemies which increases the difficulty. The world starts to get difficult as you advance and some worlds really require you to do a lot of experiments before you know can actually complete them. However, if you find a level too difficult to complete, you can skip it. The calming audio will make you want to play the game more often.

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Cut the Rope 2Cut the Rope 2

After the success of first installment, Cut the Rope is back. The goal is same – you cut the ropes to deliver a candy to Om Nom while capturing the stars along the way. You have to make use of the environment and use perfect timing to get that candy inside Om’s mouth. There are few addition to the game, most noticeable is addition of few companions. Some of these companions allow Om Nom to move across the screen. Cut the Rope 2 is as enjoyable as the original one with few additions. The in-app purchase giv you the options to buy hats for Om and show fancy animations when you swipe your finger across the screen, etc. However, the occasional ads can be a bit irritating. The sound and visual are pleasant, making the gameplay enjoyable.

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Hitman GOHitman GO

Many of us grew playing as a stealthy assassin on Hitman – the popular third-person shooter. Now it is on your mobile device. Hitman GO is an attempt to bring the original Hitman into your mobile device in the form of a puzzle game. The gameplay is much like any board game – you move through specified lines and then everything else move one step at a time. You have to accurately lay out all the move or else you’ll die. The main objective of the game is to reach the end of the level and sometimes assassinate a target.  You don’t have to kill guards to reach the target. Hitman GO sometimes required a lot of patience and accurate utilization of the items in your disposal. The controls are really simple – you move Agent 47 by swiping him towards the direction you want him to move. The graphics is simple and unique. The levels are presented on a small wooden platform which elevated details. Hitman GO is an enjoyable game with amazing yet simple visuals and will occupy you for hours.

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In Splice, you have to “splice” different bacteria by moving them around the cells and fit them inside the provided outline. The levels are simple in the early levels which can be done in few minutes but as you progress you will find some levels which can leave you scratching your head for 15-20 minutes. Fortunately there is a “turn back time” button which lets you rewind the previous step so that you don’t have to restart the whole level if you find out you have made a mistake. The visuals effects are simple yet beautiful along with the soothing dynamic soundtrack which changes according to the moods. The levels are short and enjoyable and doesn’t have a 3 star rating system – it is all about completing the levels and sometimes get an Angelic rating whenever it is available. Splice will provide you with calming experience.

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Strata is a minimalist designed puzzle where you have to weave colored ribbons through a grid and complete the pattern. The game has no scoring or a timer system so you can take as much time as you want and not worry about losing points. The gameplay is elegant and smooth where ribbon theme is maintained everywhere. The soundtrack include soothing piano music which I think is essential to any puzzle based game which requires intense thinking and strategies. The variety of levels vary in both colors and difficulty. You have to try this game at least once to learn more about it.

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Super HexagonSuper Hexagon

The gameplay of Super Hexagon is pretty simple – you play as a little triangle whose objective is to survive mazes of geometrical shapes and avoid hitting the walls. The controls are simple too – press on the left or right side of the screen to move in that direction. However, the game is not as simple as it sounds. The obstacles are created randomly so it is difficult to recognize them. You need to have perfect hand to eye coordination to get you through any level. The graphics is unique and hypnotic along with arcade like soundtrack. The dynamic background which changes colors with the beat of the music may hurt your eyes but you will soon get used to that. If you manage to get through a couple of levels, you will be addicted to it and end up playing for hours especially on those insanely difficult levels. You will be tempted to break your device more than once on a lot of levels but if you resist that you’ll have a great time playing Super Hexagon.

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Where’s My Water? 2Where’s My Water 2

Like the original Where’s My Water? the man objective is to manipulate the environment and direct the water to a destination. You will have to make use of the pipes, switches, avoid acid, collect ducks along with other elements included in the game. But unlike the previous game, Cranky and Allie have been included in the main game instead of bonus levels. Cranky requires acid instead of water and Allie requires steam. Every level features challenges where you are given certain way to play the level in order to complete it. There is another new level called the Duck Rush where you have to collect ducks and have at least a drop of water left at the end to complete it. Where’s My Water? 2 has introduced hint system and duck-related power-ups which are awarded at parts of the map. Each level costs you one out of nine energy and it takes 10 minutes to refill one. The game is as enjoyable as the original one if you ignore the energy feature.

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World of GooWorld of Goo

I consider this the best puzzle game I ever played on my android device. The main objective is to drag and drop the goo balls and create a structure to meet the pipe. The goo balls that are left unused are sucked into the pipe and collected in a jar. This may sound simple but the challenge is to create a structure that can stand the force of gravity without using too much goo balls. Each level as a specified number of balls to be collected in the jar. Some levels has objects like balloons which can be used to lift the structure and green goo balls which can be broken later for collection in the jar. Each level gets a little more challenging than the precious one. The environment is gorgeous in a strange way. When you go on completing the levels the environment gets better and stranger. I recommend playing this game as it is created with the perfect balance of gameplay and graphics.

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