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How to save Instagram pictures and videos on your Android

The most common way to save instagram pics in android devices is by taking screenshots. However, there is now an app that will not only save Instagram pictures but also videos directly from the app to your Android phone or tablet.

Here are the easy steps to save Instagram photos and videos to your Android device:

instagram_picture_video_downloader_android  instagram_picture_download_android

Note: Make sure to install the Instagram app first otherwise EasyDownloader won’t save your instagram pics.

  1. Install Instagram App
  2. Download EasyDownloader
  3. Open EasyDownloader and from the settings enable “download mode”
  4. From the app select the top-right icon to open Instagram.
  5. On the Instagram app, you should see three-dots right under the photo or video, press it and it will give you some options. Select “Copy Share URL”

After Copying the URL, the EasyDownloader app will also start downloading the Instagram image or video. You should see the download process on your notification bar and the pictures will be saved in sdcard/Pictures and videos in sdcard/Movies folder.


  1. There are many tools available these days. I personally like Instasave. Its pretty easy to use and lets you download photos from people you follow, (even if they have private profiles), Photos that appear on your timeline and Photos you have liked.

    Here is an infographic on how to use Instasave


  2. If you want to download it from your laptop, you can also use portalgramdotcom

    I logged in, went to my profile and downloaded all my pics in a zip file, quite fast and easy 🙂 Hope it helps!

  3. You can use InstaDiary app on play store which has fast download speed as compared to instasave. App Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instadiary&hl=en

    Steps to save images and videos on instagram using InstaDiary App

    1.) Go to Play Store and Install InstaDiary app

    2.) Open InstaDiary app

    3.)Press home button and open Instagram App

    4.) Find image that you want to download

    5.) Click on Menu button (three dots)

    6.) Copy Share URL

    7.) Image/Video downloaded to your gallery

  4. I found a very elegant way of downloading Instagram pictures and videos.
    Just add “sss” after h t t p s : / / www in the link which you want to download

    Try it! It works!


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