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Samsung patent filing reveals new Smartphone design: Is it the Galaxy S5 design?

Samsung Galaxy S5 design patent

Looks like Samsung is all set to meet the design expectations of its customers with its latest patent filing which features a smartphone with a better (compared to current Galaxy phones) design.  This patent was reportedly filed on May 2012 in United States and in December 2011 in South Korea. During the same year, Samsung also filed for a desktop design patent.  Samsung is also granted the patent for icons for its upcoming operating system, Tizen. In the tech grapevine, words are spreading that the new design will be incorporated only on Samsung smartphones that use the Tizen operating system. Does this mean Samsung Galaxy S5 will have the same dull design as the S4?

Samsung has come a long way since its first Galaxy S phone.  The latest flagship, Galaxy S4 has taken great leaps in terms of hardware specifications such as Super AMOLED display technology and quad-core processors. However, there is a complain common among Samsung Galaxy Owners that their latest Galaxy phone almost looks the same as its predecessor except for the larger size.  Hopefully, with the new patents we expect to see Samsung smarpthones that matches the stellar designs of its competitors- HTC and Sony.





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