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Listen to your favorite song with Pandora for Android

There is probably no human being in this world who doesn’t love music, and you obviously are one of them (me too, by the way :p). We are different, according to the place we live, culture we’ve got, and the trend we follow. The music we listen goes in a parallel way to. There are diverse genres of music worldwide, and each has got its own listeners. Some may love music of more than one genre, but not all of us. Pandora for Android now solves all of our music hobby, for all Android device users living in this earth.

pandora for android

Pandora (developed by the same-named developer), an internet radio application which is available for both iOS and Android Devices, is one of the best music streaming apps developed till now. There are popular apps such as MusicManiac  for downloading, but still, they are not up to the mark when the subject comes to music streaming. With the facilities available exclusively in the USA and not everywhere in the world, you can select any type of song you like, since the database is very huge that you will any song you would like or even not like to listen.

pandora for android

To enjoy music in Pandora for Android, what you need to do is head to the Google Play Store and download the app for free. You’ll be done. You even do not have to know where to start from, all you have to do is create a free account inside the app and you’ll yourself see the options to choose from. You’ll find hundreds of music and comedy genres inside, and it is even more easier if you are already a Pandora listener. You can create a list of stations based on your favorite genre of music or comedy, and as you keep going to listen, Pandora will allow you to rate tracks up and down, skip them, or add new ones. If you are lazy, Pandora will do this itself for you, but don’t expect it to be that much great. You can bookmark your favorites, or share them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail. The programming algorithm in the app is so much nice that it works in an absolute wonderful manner, for managing your favorite tracks. Wherever you are, and whatever you may be doing, you can enjoy the great music and comedy.

The only con of the Pandora for Android is that it may use large data files, but it won’t matter that much since most of us have  unlimited data service, or our data plan is so much huge that however much data Pandora for Android may use, it won’t affect our plan. It also has large and intrusive ads which are so much annoying, but you’ll get used to these.



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