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How to Improve Sound Quality on Google Pixel 7?

The new line of Pixel 7 smartphones already has great sound, but you can improve it even further. We’ll look at a few straightforward techniques in this article to assist you to maximize the sound quality of your device. Follow this guide to learn how to enhance audio quality on the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro by changing your phone’s settings. Here’s how to improve sound quality on Google Pixel 7 series smartphones.

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Improve Sound Quality on Google Pixel 7

How to Improve Sound Quality on Google Pixel 7 Series?

You might have already got an update from Google that enhances the sound of your Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Since around September of last year, Google has been striving to make spatial audio available to owners of Pixel phones. The tech giant is now releasing the functionality alongside the other January 2023 security updates for its top-tier devices. Google added spatial audio support for all Android 13-powered Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones to the list of improvements included in the package.

Similar to the surround sound experience in movie theaters, spatial audio replicates an environment that gives listeners the impression that sounds are coming toward them from several directions. It mostly gained popularity in the smartphone space after Apple added the capability to its AirPods Pro. When the stable version of Android 13 beta was released in September 2022, Google began adding code for it but later removed it. The function is now formally operational. Users of the Pixel phone may enjoy spatial audio with videos on Netflix, YouTube, Google TV, and HBO Max which have 5.1 or higher audio tracks, the firm has stated. But, in order for users to really appreciate the immersive experience, they should wear headphones.

Google is also aiming to add spatial sound to the Pixel Buds Pro, which will provide customers an additional level of immersion when the earphones are linked with any of the mentioned Pixel phones, in addition to turning on the function on Pixel devices. In the upcoming weeks, the firm promises to deliver a new update for the earphones that will allow head-tracking spatial audio.

This news aside, you can still do more on your side to improve sound quality on Google Pixel 7 series devices.

Enable Adaptive Sound

By turning on Adaptive Sound, you might be able to fix a poor sound quality problem or a crackling or static problem. The adaptive sound feature on your device automatically modifies the sound output based on the surroundings. Using your device’s microphones and sensors, adaptive sound can learn the environment you’re in and change the sound accordingly. The audio you’re hearing changes significantly as a result of the automatic EQ adjustments.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Sound.
  • Enable Adaptive Sound.

Improve Sound Quality on Google Pixel 7

Change Equalizer Settings

There are a couple of things you may do to try and improve the audio quality on the Google Pixel 7 or 7 Pro if you’re not happy with it. One of them is to change the Equalizer’s settings. You can access the equalizer from Settings > Sound. Once inside, you can play about with the settings to determine which one sounds the best to you. It’s worthwhile to experiment with the virtual surround sound settings, as well as the bass and treble settings.

Improve Sound Quality on Google Pixel 7

After adjusting the Equalizer settings, if you’re still dissatisfied with the sound, it could be worthwhile to consider spending more money on better headphones or speakers. Yet, most individuals will only need to tweak the Equalizer to noticeably improve the sound quality of their Google Pixel 7 or 7 Pro.

Other Miscellaneous Tweaks

  • Choose a different codec if you’re using earphones. You can do this from Settings > Connected Devices > gear icon next to the name of the connected device.
  • Enable mono sound from Settings > Accessibility > Audio Adjustments.
  • Enable Sound Amplifier from Settings > Accessibility > Sound Amplifier.

So please let us know by leaving a comment below if any of the aforementioned advice made your Google Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro sound better.



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