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How to Fix Google Pixel 7 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working?

As the Google Pixel 6 series failed to live up to expectations, many people believe that the Google Pixel 7 series represents a return for the company. With the new Pixel smartphones, the camera and processing power have improved, but some problems still require attention. Recent issues with the fingerprint reader have been reported by several Pixel 7 series users. For certain people, the fingerprint sometimes fails to register or takes a very long time. This article can help you if you’re one of those troublesome users. Below, we’ve listed a few tried-and-true fixes you can use to solve this problem. Now let’s get started without further ado. Here’s how to fix Google Pixel 7 fingerprint scanner not working.

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Google Pixel 7 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

How to Fix Google Pixel 7 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working?

The fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6 was one of the device’s shortcomings. When the under-display sensor did manage to register your fingerprint, it did so slowly. The Pixel 7’s sensor has been upgraded by Google, which at the very least allows a fast unlocking process. When you contact the screen with only the tip of your finger, the scanner still refuses to read your fingerprint; you must put your entire finger flat on the display to have any hope of consistent success. The sensor sure is better, but not without problems.

Many blame the faulty on-screen fingerprint sensor and the lack of optimizations, but many have associated low battery with the fingerprint scanner not working. It seems like most of the users start experiencing issues with the on-screen fingerprint scanner when their battery is low. No matter what the issue is, this troubleshooting guide will try to help you fix Google Pixel 7 fingerprint scanner not working. This guyed is for all the devices in the new Google Pixel 7 series, so you can use this with your Pixel 7 Pro too.


Restarting is the first easy solution you should try. Most electronic gadgets only need to be restarted once to resolve the majority of software problems. The Pixel 7 series is also no different. Regardless of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro fingerprint issues, you can attempt the restart option. After the restart, see if the problem is gone.

Wipe the Screen Surface

Smartphones from the Pixel 7 series use in-display fingerprint scanners, which are ineffective on dirty surfaces. Get some isopropyl alcohol and thoroughly clean the screen surface and try again.

Use Better Screen Protectors

For even better protection, people frequently choose large cases and wide-screen protectors. When utilizing an optical fingerprint sensor, however, thick screen protectors can be detrimental because the sensor relies on the reflection of light from the finger to function. Hence, if you’re using thick-tempered glass, remove it and replace it with a better, thinner one.

Google Pixel 7 fingerprint scanner not working

Software Update

If your Pixel 7 series device is running a beta version of the newest Android operating system, there is a chance that it may be buggy. Thus, you must check for any updates for the smartphone and install them if you find any. There is a good chance that Google has already rolled out a minor patch to fix this issue.

  • Go to Settings > System.
  • Tap on System Update.
  • See if there is a pending update and install it.

Factory Reset

As a software anomaly might be the root of your fingerprint sensor issues, it would be wise to think about performing a factory reset. But, carrying out a factory reset will erase all of the data on your phone. As a result, you must make a backup of everything you need. Your phone will restart after the hard reset is finished, which will take some time. You will need to set up your phone exactly as you did when you initially purchased it because it won’t have any of your old data.

  • Go to Settings > System.
  • Tap on Reset Options.
  • Select Reset All Data and follow the instructions.

Google Pixel 7 fingerprint scanner not working

Visit Service Center

In the event that none of the aforementioned fixes were successful for you, the hardware inside your device may be at fault. Receiving a malfunctioning product is not unusual, but you cannot repair it or replace it. Visit the nearby Google service center and let them know what’s wrong. They ought to be able to assist you with your issue.



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