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How To: Improve Instagram Privacy

Instagram is a great platform to share pictures and explore creativity. In today’s date, the social media site need not be defined. However, with all the photos and snaps in the Instagram account, one should be concerned about Instagram privacy. Protecting personal data in social media sites is a must-do activity. Moreover, with the app dealing solely with pictures and videos like Instagram, you should tweak up the settings and improve Instagram privacy.

Instagram is a great way to keep social community going on. Even though, you should simply keep eyes on the Instagram privacy settings. Here are few tips in order to keep your Instagram account safe and tweak up the privacy settings.

#1. Keep Your Instagram Profile Private

First and foremost, to improve Instagram privacy, you need to keep your profile private. Since, all Instagram profiles are public by default, you have to switch your profile to private profile. Simply: go to Options >> scroll down to Private Account option >> Toggle it on to switch to private profile.Keep Instagram Account Private

#2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Nowadays, two-factor authentication is common among many social media apps. This method prevents anyone from accessing your Instagram account. Enabling two-factor authentication requires both your password and one-time passcode to log in to your account.  The passcode is sent to your phone number, so this method is secure unless  you lose your device.Improve Instagram Privacy - Two-Factor Authentication

To enable two-factor authentication:

  • Go to Your Profile
  • Tap the three dots in the top-corner and open Options menu
  • Scroll down to  Two-Factor Authentication
  • Enable Require Security Code option
  • Follow the instructions and add your phone number

#3. Hide Activity Status

Instagram allows you to see when you were last active in the Direct Messages. In order to keep people from seeing when you were last active, go to Options >> scroll down to Show Activity Status option >> Toggle off the button.Hide Activity Status

#4. Configure Instagram stories

Instagram allows you to add temporary stories to your profile. These stories can be seen and replied by everyone or only the people who you follow, depending on your configuration. However, we recommend to hide your Instagram stories from anonymous people to ensure Instagram privacy.Configure Story Settings

For this, go to Options and scroll down to find Story Settings. Now, choose which people to hide the stories from. Also, set permissions for who can reply to your story and disable sharing your stories for added security.

#5. Manually Approve Photo Tags

You can never control what other posts on their Instagram accounts. However, you can choose to whether show the photos you’ve been tagged in or not in your profile. Thus, you should manually approve the photo tags. T do this, navigate to Options >> Photos of You >> Add Manually.Add photos of you

#6. Turn off Geo Tagging

Another handy feature, to improve Instagram privacy is to turn off Geo tagging. Most camera apps tag your photos with the coordinates where they’ve been taken. This allows stalkers to easily find you. You can turn off Location permission for Instagram to stop GPS tagging. Simply:

  • Go To Settings >> Apps  >> App Permissions
  • Navigate to Location Permissions
  • Toggle off the button next to InstagramDisable Geo Tagging

Are you going to take the measures to keep your Instagram account secure? Which of the methods did you use to tighten Instagram security? Let us know in the comment section below.

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