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How to hide apps in Android using App Drawer?

You buy a new Android smartphone or tablet, and you see so much pre-installed apps in it. It is a good thing that most of them are useful, but we cannot say that all of them are used at all times. You don’t even need some of the apps in your entire life. The apps which you don’t need, if they are pre-installed, you can’t even uninstall (of course you can, but you need to be a nerd and do a lot of hard stuffs for that). So, now the question arises, what to do with the apps which are in your mobile that you don’t ever use, and can’t uninstall by yourselves? The answer is simple, hide them so that you don’t see them. Hiding apps is not a real solution, but it may help you to escape your anger if you don’t see them in your Android smartphone’s main menu or the display screen.

At times, you may just want some apps to be hidden not only because they are annoying, but you just don’t want to see them for a span of time and don’t want them to be uninstalled from your device either.

To hide apps in Android, there are multiple ways, which can be by using apps-hiding apps or by using the app drawer settings in your phone’s menu. The method here we are discussing is by using the app drawer settings. Not all of the Android smartphones or tablets have it, but whichever have, it is an easy process. To hide apps in Android using the App Drawer settings, you can follow the given steps:

  1. Open your phone’s Menu.
  2. In the menu, you will see the app drawer settings. The icon for the App Drawer may be different varying on devices. For example- it is the three vertical dots on the top right whenever you open the menu in the Samsung Galaxy Phones. If you are using an HTC device, pull the screen down a little and tap the three vertical dots to open the menu.hide apps in android
  3. Tap in the App Drawer, and you will see the ‘Hide Applications’ option in there.hide apps in android
  4. Tap in the ‘Hide Applications’ option, and you will have the boxes in each app.
  5. Check the box of each app which you want to hide. As soon you exit the selection screen, you will have those apps hidden from your smartphones, i.e. you will no longer see them unless you unhide them again.

So, if you have followed all the steps thoroughly, you’re done hiding the apps you wanted to. To see the hidden applications, tap in the ‘Show hidden applications’ option. That means, whenever you tap in the ‘Show Hidden Applications’ option of you App Drawer settings, all the apps that you’ve previously hidden will unhide.



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