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Apps to clean up your Android

There are many app that claim to be “cleaners” but instead they clog up your disk space and infect your device with malwares and viruses. So we have made a list of six android cleaners which can really clean your device. It’s always a good idea to clean your android every now and then. With usage, your device’s storage gets filled up with empty folders and unwanted databases left behind by apps that are already uninstalled, so use these app to get rid of them and increase your disk space and device’s performance.

Apps to clean up your Android


CCleaner is not a new name as it is one of the most popular cleaning software on PC and Mac. This ultimate cleaner is now available for Android. CCleaner can help you speed up your device by removing junks, clearing up application cache, browser history, clipboard content and much more. With its inbuilt app manager which has separate tabs for user installed apps and system apps, you can uninstall unwanted apps and free up valuable disk space. This app doesn’t only free up your storage but also monitors your CPU and RAM usage along with your battery’s temperature and level. You can optimize your device is just few taps. Tapping on the Analyze button on the main screen will scan your device for the stuffs to clean. You can select the apps you want to clean and then tap on Clean button.

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Clean MasterClean Master

Clean Master is another great app that free up your storage along with improve your device’s performance, boost up games, optimize battery and protect your device against malware and other vulnerabilities. It can clean up application cache and residues left by uninstalled apps. The developer of Clean Master claims that it can scan your device for viruses in just 8 seconds! Clean Master can free up RAM in just one tap. You can calculate CPU usage and kill app that are consuming your CPU, RAM and wasting your battery. With its in-built app manager, you can uninstall unwanted apps or bloatwares, and back up apps. If your device is rooted you’ll be able to move system apps to SD card as well as uninstall them. You can also scan and delete duplicate photos and recover deleted photos with Clean Master.

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Duplicate Contacts & UtilitiesContacts Utility

This app is for those who has to struggle with hundreds or even thousands of contacts on their device. Duplicate Contacts detects duplicate contacts and removes them. Its detection mechanism ignores country codes and the space between phone numbers. It also detects same contact number under different names. With its Pro version, you can merge contact numbers saved with different names instead of deleting them. You can also remove duplicate emails, empty contacts, import and export contacts. Duplicate Contacts is easy and fast way to organize your contact list.

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SD MaidSD Maid

I have been using this powerful tool since it was in early beta stage. SD Maid is easy to use and has simple user interface but you need root access for the app to work properly. This app will tidy up your android device by deleting the Corpse of uninstalled apps (logs, crash reports, debug files, etc.) and cleaning your device’s system with its System Cleaner. With is in-built App Control feature, you can freeze, reset and even remove user and system apps. SD Maid can detect application database and let you shrink them to free up storage space. You can use its Explorer to navigate through your android’s storage. There is a Pro version unlocker available on the Play Store for $2.26. When you open the app, you’ll find yourself in the Quick Access tab from where you can use the Corpse Finder, System Cleaner, App Cleaner and Database scanner at once with just a click of a button. If you have bought the Pro unlocker, you can use Duplicates finder to find and remove duplicates of any file inside your android. With its Biggest file finder, you can find out what is eating up your storage.

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Startup ManagerStartup Manager

Many of you may have experienced an increase in your device’s boot time. It may not be as fast as the day you first switched on your device. This is natural and happens when you start to install apps on your device. Startup Manager aims to decrease your device’s boot time by disabling startup items. The startup items are categorized into User apps, System apps and a Customized list where you can add start up items. Moreover, you can select if you want the app to calculate the system boot time and disable the boot sound.

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History EraserHistory Eraser

Your smartphone contains a lot of details which are potentially harmful if they get in the wrong hands. With History Eraser you don’t have to worry about that anymore. History Eraser can clean up the apps history is just one click. This app doesn’t require root access. With it you can clear browser history, call log, text messages, market search history, Gmail search history, Google search history, clipboard data, app cache, download history and many more. This app simplifies process of deleting everything one by one manually. This is the free version and is supported by ads but you can get the paid version for $2.06.

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Since these are not task killer (however some may have an in-built task killer) there are completely safe to use. Using these app can actually boost your device’s performance and reclaim a lot of storage by removing junks and application corpses. If you have any suggestions or you use some other app that is not mention here in this list, fell free to drop us a comment.




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