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Wake Up Your Android Phone By Picking It Up

Smart Devices these days can operate without the need of physically touching them. Similarly, you can make your device perform certain function assigning a hardware key, moving your device in a certain manner, etc. Here in this tutorial we’re going to learn how to make our smart device perform one of such function using a small app called WakeUP. After finishing this tutorial, you’ll learn to wake up android phone by picking it up. Here’s how you do it.

Configure WakeUp:
We’ll be using a small app called WakeUp by cb56 to accomplish this tutorial. It is available on Play Store – install it and open it. Before we get started, we need to following things.
Open the app and tap on Enable Device Administrator button. On the next screen tap on Activate.Wake Up Android Phone By Picking It Up Next, go to the widgets and place a 1X1 WakeUp widget on any of your homescreens.wakeupconfigure1 Finally, tap on Start Automatically Monitoring button which will enable app to run in background and feel your hand movements.

How Does it Work?
To wake up the phone, you need to pick it up from flat position and twist your hand towards you in about 75 degree angle. You’ll feel a short vibration when the phone is in position and the screen turns on. Putting the phone on flat position will turn off the screen but you still have to be on the lockscreen.

How it Won’t Work?
The hand position explained above is important. Turning you phone sideways or shaking won’t work. Hope this will be fixed in near future. This is not a major concern as the app worked and didn’t eat up too much battery.

This app, after you allowed it to monitor automatically, will run in the background and shows up in the notification but only for 30 minutes. If you want to extend it operating time, you have to buy the pro version ($3). This app will slowly eat up your battery if you keep it running for prolong period of time. So I recommend to keep the 30 minutes limit and don’t buy the pro version because regardless it functionality, battery life and money matters. Nothing is perfect and neither is this app. Many time you’ll find it lighting up your screen even when you don’t want to.



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