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How to Unzip Files on Android Smart Devices?

If you are android users then you may encounter a situation where you have to unzip any of your files in your device. You may need to extract, unzip and view the contents inside it. So how do you unzip files on your android smart device?

This article is about how we can unzip files on Android Smart Devices.  Here we will cover some of the processes involved in unzipping and exploring your content. But before getting started let’s have a look at what is a zip file and why zip is used.

What is a Zip file and why are they used?

A zip file is an archive file that may contain one or more files compressed within the same directories and supports lossless data compression. Zip is especially used to compress the file and bundle one or more files for easy sending of the data. With Zip, users can download a large number of files or media from different websites. It saves your time from manually downloading the file.

Zip file lets you send multiple file in one package. To perform all the unzipping things first you need to download an app on an Android device.

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How to Unzip Files on Android Smart Devices?

To extract all the content from a compressed folder, Android requires a third-party app. But now you can unzip all the compressed files using File Go (File Go is an official android Files app by Google). So here is the entire process.

Unizip files in android using Google's Files Go

  1. First, go to your smartphone’s Google Play.
  2. Once you are in search for Files by Google in your play store search console.
  3. You got it right! Now without further delay begin installing the app on your smart device.
  4. Once all the installation is complete, you are ready to use the app.
  5. Now open the app and locate the Zip file you want to unzip. For e.g. if you downloaded the zip files from a website, it may be inside the download folder. Note: Remember, Zip files always have a .zip extension.
  6. Now you will see the file you want to unzip. Tap on it.
  7. Tap on the Extract button to unzip the file. After all the files are extracted you will see a list of a file inside the folder.
  8. Now on Done and you are good to go.

Video Tutorial

If you not done with the written documentation yet then, here is the video tutorial for you. We have covered all of the steps involved in unzipping zip files in an android smartphone.



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