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How to Transfer Files Larger than 4GB on Android

If you have a smartphone with an external expandable storage option, you might have faced this problem when trying to transfer a single file that is larger than 4 GB. This is because most of the microSD cards come with the FAT32 file system. This file system limits the maximum single transferable file size to 4GB. If you have multiple files with total file size exceeding 4GB, then the transfer won’t be an issue. This is a rare case as most of the smartphones have huge inbuilt storage space with an exFat file system so there’s no need to use a microSD card. But if you need one and you’re facing this problem, then is the article for you. Here’s how to transfer files larger than 4GB on Android.

Transfer Files Larger than 4GB on Android

This method is not recommended for internal storage. If you have newer models, you do not need to do this. But if you have an older model with just internal storage and no option for expansion, then do not attempt this method as it might brick your device. This tutorial will use Windows 10, but even if you use other operating systems, following this guide would not be a problem.

Transfer Files Larger than 4GB on Android So why cannot you transfer a single file over 4GB to a FAT32 card? The reason is that this file system was designed over 20 years ago but even though there are file systems that allow you to transfer files over 4GB, FAT32 is still popular. So, manufacturers still use this file system to the card and drive they ship out. You can bypass this limitation by either splitting the files into multiple parts or change the file system to the newer ones. Android supports exFAT which supports the transfer of files larger than 4GB so we’re going to use exFAT for this tutorial.

If you want to transfer for that 4GB to your microSD card, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Plug in the MicroSD card to your PC. You may need to use an adapter.

Step 2: If you have any important data inside the card, back it up now as the data will be lost after we perform the following steps.

Step 3: Open My PC.

Step 4: Right-click on the drive’s name (the microSD card you previously plugged in).

Step 5: Select Format.

Transfer Files Larger than 4GB on Android

Step 6: Under File System, choose exFAT.

Step 7: Check on Quick Format.

Step 8: Click on Start.

Your card will now be formatted, all the data will be lost and the file system will be changed to exFAT. You can now transfer files larger than 4GB on your microSD card.

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