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Share links easily on Android using ShortPaste

At several points of time, you may want to share links to your friends, or elsewhere. That means, you may want to send a link as a message with the friend with whom you’re chatting, or you may want to post a link as a status in some social media. The links which you share normally are quite long, and take a large space, which may make your comment or feed back not to be seen (if even visible, it is in the condition that no one notices). Often, they can be misunderstood as spams or other unwanted activities. At that time, if you want to make the link shortcuts and share it easily without making it take a lot space, you can use an application for Android- ShortPaste. Another main benefit of using this service is that it makes your link share look clean, and also a lot more easy to share the link to others.


ShortPaste is an absolutely free Android App, which is available for the OS version of 4.0 IceCream Sandwich and higher. For those who use the smartphones or tablets having Android 4.0 or higher, it is now a lot easier to share the links wherever you like. If you want to use the same method for sharing links using ShortPaste in your Android devices, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Download and install the ShortPaste application from the Google Play Store. It is an absolute free app so you need not to worry about anything.
  2. After you have it installed in your Android device, open the app and tap the Settings button in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Adjust settings to your liking. The app can start when your device boots up, trim the http:// from links to make them even shorter, and supports bit.ly credentials for link-tracking (the app uses goo.gl by default).
  4. You can copy any link you like from any of your installed applications (it may be an usual web browser like Chrome etc, or other typical site applications like Youtube etc.) ; and paste it to the window where you want to share the link.

The app doesnot take over much memory of your device, since it is of low memory. All the links you have shared after shortening using this app, will remain in the archive list within the app, and you can see this once you open the app. The full versions of the links, however are not saved so it will be difficult to tell what you shared (you can open the shortcuted link and see that though).



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