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Samsung Galaxy S5 gets lollipop update in Europe

If you are one of the owners of Samsung Galaxy S5, there is the reason for you to be excited. Samsung Galaxy S5 gets lollipop update in Europe, and the users are already getting the notifications about the latest update, starting from Poland. This makes the S5 the first phone under the Galaxy series to get the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, even earlier than the Google Play Edition of Samsung’s devices (Galaxy S4 GPE).

Samsung Galaxy S5 gets lollipop update in Europe

The Samsung Galaxy S5 having the model number SM-G900F (as there are many versions of the Galaxy S5 worldwide), which was sold especially in Europe is now getting the Over The Air update of the latest version of Android. The update carries the build number G900FXXU1BNL2 and is built off of Android LRX21P. The update certainly is TouchWiz-ified version, and thus, will have many of the functions similar.

As of now, there are very few phones running on the latest version of Android, and it is a great thing to know that Samsung has started providing the updates. This was pretty unexpected though, since Samsung used to take months for the update normally before. We can see that Samsung has started to care about its users, after a big downfall in the company’s smartphones market share worldwide.

The lovely new functions of the Android 5.0 Lollipop together with the enhanced features of Samsung’s TouchWiz will obviously be great, though the combination is disliked by many of the users. For the International and US versions of the Galaxy S5, we do not have any information about the update yet. However, the update for the European phones is always a good sign and we can expect the update to arrive for other versions very soon (probably in the upcoming weeks, or at the last of this December).

Galaxy Note 4 is probably going to be the next to get the update, and we also expect Samsung to provide the updates for its other Galaxy devices soon enough. We will post any further information available.




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