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Keep Yourself Productive with Google Keep

Google KeepWell most of you must be familiar with Google’s offering, Google Keep. Google Keep is a simple app that allows you to make a note of anything you would not want to forget. Google Keep has been in the Play Store for a significant time now and has been a must have app for me. So let’s have a look at some of the features of Google Keep that has made it a significant part of my daily routine.

I personally own three Android devices and use them for different purposes. A Nexus 7 for home use, a Galaxy S as my daily driver, and a Galaxy Note 2 to browse the internet when on the go. So, under various circumstances, there can be moments when something important pops into my mind. This is when I dive directly into Google Keep which is installed in all of my devices. A simple touch in the app’s widget allows me to make a note of the work to be done later and if the work consists of sub-tasks, an option to create a check-list is also available. I find this pretty cool. Once done, a quick sync will make the notes available in all of my devices so that I don’t miss them.

A simple yet very handy widget displays all of your notes on your home screen. More importantly, Google Keep also allows you to add colours to your note so that you don’t miss your notes.

What good would taking a note be if your forgot to check it later? Google Keep even has options to remind you of your tasks later. Reminders can either be Time reminder or Location reminder.

Now if typing is just not your piece of cake, Google Keep allows you to take audio notes as well as picture notes. So, next time you are feeling lazy just speak up and you can later hear yourself reminding you of stuffs or take a photo and see which was the sunglass that caught your eye.

The latest updates of Google Keep allows it to integrate with Google Now (if installed) and reminds you through notifications through Google Now. Also, if you use multiple accounts, switching between accounts can now be done via the sliding navigation drawer.

I personally am in love with this app and is one of the most productive apps that I use. It’s simple, easy, and gets the job done.

And yeah! forgot to mention one thing. Google Keep can even be accessed online from your computer via its desktop version.

Please note: I am fully aware that there are lots of other apps which can perform similar tasks (even better maybe) but being a huge Google fan, this article can be (or is) biased towards Google Keep. You can look around and find what suits you best like I found Google Keep. Enjoy!


    • Hello Ashish. Yes, after you delete a note you cannot “undelete” it but if you have noticed, there is an “Archive” option. It removes your note but you can always find it in the Archive folder.
      I hope you find this option useful.

  1. I have found it just deletes notes at random. It could be my phone, or an errant mouse?! But nevertheless the delete without warning is very dangerous. I like it, but am going to have to stop using it because I have lost some important information.

  2. Same here. I just deleted a very long note and cannot undelete. This is the 3rd time it’s happened so no more…Google Keep is gone; I’m going to Ever Note


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