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Facebook Messenger Cool New Features

MessengerFacebook Messenger is the faster growing app of 2015. It may be also because the Facebook force the user to download its Messenger. Apart from that if we talk about Facebook Messenger  then it has improved a lot and has added new features time to time for the user convenience. This time Facebook Messenger has several new features including Photo Magic facial recognition. Here, we will talk about the different new features in Messenger and also learn how to change your chat colors, set nick name and book a Uber ride through the app.

New features of Facebook Messenger are listed below:

Photo Magic facial recognition: If you are sharing photos of friends and family over chat app in messenger, you got to notice that it can recognize faces and suggest you to send the photo to them. The facial recognization tool that we see in main Facebook app for tagging photos has now rolled out to Messenger app but in messenger app it’s there to reminder you to send the photo to that person you tag.
Facebook call it Photo Magic but if you don’t like this feature or don’t want Facebook to suggest your name in photo then you can even tell to Facebook not to suggest your face to other in settings or you can turn off suggestion completely inside messenger.

new features
Screenshot of New Features in Messenger

Set color for the conversation: The app is also letting you set a color for the conversation, if you rather not have blue and white color in conversation. There are plenty of colors available, you can choose any of the color to make the conversation colorful

Set nick name: You can also set nick names while chatting. So your brother will show up as brother instead of his full name on Facebook. It will even help you, if you have many friends with same name. Some of the people can also use to have fun while chatting by giving different nick names to each others.

[quote bcolor=”blue” arrow=”yes”]Note:The other person can see the changes you make in Messenger. [/quote]

Pick emoji for the conversation: This feature helps you to pick an emoji for the conversation. Actually, this is a cool new features that makes the conversation more interesting as you give a emoji to the conversation.

Call for Ride: Facebook has now made deal with uber, so you can pick the ride request from your messenger instead of having to open the separate uber app. Similarly, app has also made deal with other ride recently for the user/costumer convenience. Add your uber account then you can type on the address and click on it to request a ride or you can even tap on the car icon to request the ride. This features may not be available in many countries because uber or other ride may not be available there.

Share Spotify Music: This features helps you to share the music with your friends. It will be popular among the music lover and those who wants their friends to know what they are listening or their favorite music.
Just follow the steps to share spotify music:
Go to more option > select spotify > search the music and click on it then send it.

Photo Caption:  This features helps you to write anything on the photo and then you can send it to your friends. Written content will specify the picture more.

Mute notification for specific conversation:  You can now even mute the notification for the specific conversation.You just tap the upper right corner of the chat box then go to notification and then choose for how long you want to mute the conversation.

Some of the cool hidden tricks are listed below:

Chess GamePlay Chess:  You can even play chess in your Facebook Messenger but that is sort of hidden. You need to type @fbchess play to start the game and @fbchess help to know how to play the game. You can choose with whom you want to play the game. Just type @fbchess play in the chat section with whom you want to play then send it. The game will automatically appear on the screen.

[quote bcolor=”orange” arrow=”yes”] Play Basketball: How to Play Facebook Messenger Hidden Basketball Game [/quote]

Send Puppy photo: You can send the cute photo of puppy to your pet lover friends.  Just type @dailycute and send it. A cute photo of puppy will be sent with the description about the puppy to your friend in the chat.

So, these are some of the new features and some hidden features that you may not know. Hope you enjoy and make good use of these features.



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