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How to Make Samsung Galaxy S10 battery last longer

Your all-powerful Samsung Galaxy S10 is giving you battery life problems? Well look no further; this guide will help you solve the issue. Although there is no specific solution or steps you could perform to make the problem go away, you can, however, perform some troubleshooting to fix the said issue. Here’s how to solve Samsung Galaxy S10 battery issues. This guide will also help you make Samsung Galaxy S10 battery last longer.

Make Samsung Galaxy S10 battery last longer

Battery life can be improved by the following steps as long as the battery itself is not damaged. If the problem is the battery itself, you have no other option but to replace it altogether. Of that is not the case, here are the steps you can do to make Samsung Galaxy S10 battery last longer.

Battery Usage: In most of the cases, the reason why the battery is draining so fast are the apps. There is an inbuilt tool you can use to check what apps are using how much battery and act accordingly. The apps you frequently use, especially the social media apps might be the culprits. Also, some apps are notorious for running in the background and draining the battery. So it is always a good idea to check the battery usage.

Make Samsung Galaxy S10 battery last longer

To do so;

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Device Care.
  3. Select Battery.
  4. Tap on Battery Usage.

Restart: A simple restart can sometimes fix some common issues, including battery drainage. There may be some minor bugs that may be causing the battery life problems. A restart may be able to fix those bugs and eliminate battery problems. You can restart using the Power menu, or the better way is to press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time to force a restart. Force restarting will act like removing the battery and putting it again.

It is recommended to reboot your Galaxy S10 once a week. You can schedule a restart from Settings > Device Care > tap on 3-dot menu > Select Auto Restart.

Clear Cache: A corrupted system cache can be the issue here. It may be time to clear the system cache partition. It is simple.

Make Samsung Galaxy S10 battery last longer

Follow the following steps;

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button, Bixby button, and Power button.
  • After the green Android logo appears, let go of all the buttons. You will get into recovery.
  • Use Volume buttons to navigate and select Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Press the Power button to select.
  • Highlight Yes using the volume buttons and press the power button to execute.
  • After some time, the cache will be wiped. Reboot the device by selecting Reboot system now.

Always-On Display: If you have enabled Always-On Display, that may be the reason for battery drainage. Although Samsung says only 5% of the battery is used by AoD, it could still be the culprit.

To disable AoD;

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the Lock Screen.
  3. Disable Always-On display.

There are other factors that can affect battery life. Below is the list of all the probable reasons why the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S10 is draining fast.

  1. Unnecessary features such as Edge Panel, Edge Lightning, Gestures, Palm Swipes.
  2. Colorful and bright wallpapers (use night mode or darker wallpaper)
  3. Networking features such as GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, WiFi (turn off when not in use)
  4. Screen Brightness
  5. Not enabling Power Saving Mode (Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode)
  6. Not updating system (updates may fix problems causing battery drainage)

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