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How to make copies of Android apps to use multiple accounts using Parallel Space app

The biggest limitation of mobile devices is their inability to install same app multiple times. Only a few apps have started supporting multiple accounts. Many of us own multiple accounts of particular apps that we use on daily basis. This is where the app called Parallel Space comes handy. Parallel Space allows you to make duplicates of any app you currently have installed on your device. In other words, this app removes the hassle of signing in and out of multiple accounts and run them simultaneously. Here’s how to make copies of Android apps to use multiple accounts.

How to use Parallel Space – Multi Accounts to make copies of Android apps to use multiple accounts

Make copies of Android apps: The Need

Parallel Space is mainly developed for managing multiple accounts of games and social networks but it can be used for any other apps also. Let’s take Snapchat for example; most of us probably own multiple accounts and signing in and out of Snapchat accounts is tedious. This is where Parallel Space comes in. With this you can run multiple accounts simultaneously without having to go through the tedious task of signing out and in of accounts. The same can be said for other social media apps. Though some social app such as Instagram has implemented support for multiple accounts, Parallel Space is still worth considering. Besides social media apps, Parallel Space is useful for games too. Majority of Clash of Clans players have multiple secondary accounts and Parallel Space is the hack most of them were waiting for quite some time.parallel space

Make copies of Android apps: Setting up

Setting up Parallel space is quite easy. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Install Parallel Space from the Google Play Store.parallel space play store

Step 2: Open it. You will be greeted with an intro. Swipe through it.

Step 3: You will now see three buttons – Invisible Installation, Control Center and a ‘+’ symbol button. Invisible installation is intended for the app that you want to keep private. This will make apps accessible only through the Parallel Space app itself. The Control Center is just a fancy name for app settings. And the ‘+’ icon allows you to clone apps.

Step 4: To install app using Invisible Installation, you need to sign in with your Google account or if you want to keep this really private, you can add a separate Google account. This will insure your private apps are separate from your regular apps.

Step 5: The ‘+’ icon allows you to clone your apps. You apps are shown on the top and you will see recommendations as you scroll down. Tapping on the recommended apps will redirect you to its Play Store page. Cloned apps will load for few seconds before you can sign in.

This is it. You can now use all your cloned apps like you use all your other apps. With the multitasking view, you won’t even know they are running in a separate environment. Cloned apps, in multitasking view, will be listed as “App Name (Parallel)”. If you have multi window feature in your device then you can even run the original and the cloned app side by side.



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