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KLO Bugreport Issues and Fixes On Xiaomi Devices.

KLO Bugreport is probably the topics for our readers. How many of you have experienced this Issues or heard about the term KLO Bugreport? If then, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

KLO Bugreport is a new topic. Basically, the term KLO Bugreport can be heard most on Xiaomi (MI) devices. We will be talking about What is KLO Bugreport and How to Fix Issues regarding KLO Bugreport in this article.

KLO Bugreport

What is KLO Bugreport?

KLO Bugreport is an app by Xiaomi Inc. This mobile application sends bug reports. This app registers android application errors, system failures and send bug to company server. The report generated through the app is used for analyzing the cause of errors and issues and their fixes. Also, it is helping manufacturer for upgrading services and to fix bugs in future software release.

Note: KLO is not a system application so, it’s removal will not affect efficiency of your device.

What Causes KLO Bugreport Issue?

The Issue of KLO Bugreport arises when the KLO app cannot establish a connection to the server. The app cannot connect to the server where it is intended to connect and the error occurs. Besides these many unknown processes run automatically and consumes a lot of resources which may be another cause for ithe ssue to occur.

How To Fix “KLO Bugreport has stopped” Issue in Xiaomi (MI) devices?

As we mentioned some of the cause for KLO Bugreport Issue above. Let’s have a look some of the ways to fix the KLO Bugreport Issue.

Stable Internet Connection: KLO app needs to send various information regarding application errors and system failures to the company server so the stable Internet Connection is most. Sometimes Internet issue can create such issue so make sure that you have good internet connection.

Restart Device: Restarting the device may work in some cases as it stops all the background processes. Sometimes the app functionality can also creates issues due to which the KLO app cannot create connection to the server. So, try restarting your device.

Clearing Application Data: Many unknown process run automatically and consumes lots of smartphone resources. These application can take more storage data. So clearing the storage data can remove all the unwanted files and corrupted data. To Clear Application Data in your device simple follow these steps.

  1. Go To Settings Menu.
  2. Navigate to Installed Application under settings menu.
  3. Search and Tap KLO Bugreport.
  4. Select Storage menu and tap on Clear Data.

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