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How To Mirror Android Display to a Screen

Do you know the most annoying part of owning a smartphone? It’s the screen. Its teeny-tiny screen is not fun to browse contents and play high resolution games. Also, when you need to present something you will opt to present it in a big screen and that requires you to copy the content to your Mac or PC. Imagine how convenient would it be if you didn’t need to send it anywhere and just present to from your smartphone? Well now you can. Installing just an app can allow you to “mirror Android display” your screen’s content to any other bigger screen without having to go through the trouble of transferring the content to whole other device. With it you can display your photos and videos on a bigger screen, use your phone as a remote or browse web on a bigger screen.

Here’s how you can mirror Android display to PC or TV

Mirror Android display: Using Mirror Beta

Mirror Beta

Mirror beta is an amazing little app created by Koushik Dutta which can be used to mirror you android’s display to a computer’s screen or a TV. This app is still in beta but stable for everyday use. If you are on KitKat then you device needs to be rooted but if you are running Lollipop then this app will work without root. All you need is to install Mirror Beta on your android smartphone and AllCast Receiver on your Chrome browser and launch it. Make sure both your device are on the same Wi-Fi network. Open the app on your smartphone and you will see the Chrome app show up on the screen. Tap it and after a few seconds you smartphone’s screen will show up in your AllCast Receiver. That’s it. You are ready to mirror anything from your android’s careen to a bigger screen. Since this app is still in its beta phase, users have reported that they couldn’t make it run on KitKat but it ran smooth on Lollipop. Also, since this app only mirrors screen, sound will still come out of your mobile device.

Mirror Android display: Using Chromecast

If you have some dollars to spare then you should buy Chromecast which is a $35 HDMI dongle that can be attached to any TV or monitor with a HDMI socket to turn it into a receiver. Any android device running KitKat or higher can mirror their screen using Chromecast but for better performance I recommend you use Chromecast on device running Lollipop. You will also need to download the Chromecast app to get this working. Once you have finished installing the app, open it and and tap on Cast screen. Ignore any warning and now your android screen is now mirrored on you bigger monitor or TV.Chromecast

Tell us in the comments about your experiences with screen casting or mirroring and why do you use it.



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