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How to lock and unlock your Android smartphone automatically

Wouldn’t it be convenient if your device could lock and unlock itself automatically when you put it and take it out from your pocket? There is an app called Pocket Lock which locks your phone when you put it inside your pocket and unlocks it when you take it out. This app uses your device’s proximity sensor and accelerometer to perform its job. Here’s how you use this app.

How to lock and unlock your smartphone automatically with Pocket Lock app

First you need to install Pocket Lock from the Play Store. After the installation is complete, open it and you’ll be greeted by its main screen. Now you need to set it as a device administrator for the app to do its job. Tap on the lock icon and then press Activate on the next screen to give it device administrator rights. You’ll be warned not to uninstall this app using the traditional way but to use the Uninstall option found inside 3 dot menu.pocketlock_device administrator

Now that you’ve granted device administrator rights, you need to tune the app. Tap on the Preferences and start adjusting dew settings. First you need to select Locking method. You can either choose accelerometer or proximity sensor to lock or unlock the device. You can set delays before locking and unlocking the device. Other settings include Aggressive mode, Face down detection, Anti-brick protection, Start on boot.pocketlock_preferences

This is a simple app to use and may come handy if you often forget to lock your device before putting in your pocket or experience a lot of pocket dials. Leave us a comment below and tell us if this was useful.

Pocket Lock

Download: Play Store

Price: Free

Developer: William X



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