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Android Tips: How to block calls in android phones

Is someone pestering you with showers of unwanted calls? Do you hate picking up calls from unknown numbers? Do you want to block those numbers or simply send them straight to voicemail? If you’re answer is yes, then there is an easy way to block calls in your android. There is no need for additional apps because most Android smartphones or tablets with the newer version Jellybean and upwards support call blocking via call settings.  Here is how you can do that:

To blacklist calls:

Android_block_ calls_ from_ uknown_ numbers    Android_add phone _numbers_ to_ blacklist

  • Open your android’s dialer
  • Press Menu >> Select Settings
  • Scroll down and select “Blacklist”
  • Check “Enable Blacklist”
  • Scroll down and select “Add phone number” .
  • Now add the number to blacklist.

Once the number is blacklisted the caller will get a busy tone whenever he/she dials your number.

To block calls from unknown numbers:

Android_block_ calls_ from_ uknown_ numbers

  • Open your android’s dialer
  • Press Menu >> Select “Settings”
  • Scroll down and select “Blacklist”
  • Check “Private numbers”
  • Check “Unknown numbers”

Once you’ve blocked unknown numbers only your android device will accept calls only from the numbers in your contact list.

To send calls directly to voicemail:

Android_send _calls_ to_voicemail

  • Open  “Contacts” or “People”
  • Select a contact you want to send to voicemail
  • Press menu and then select “All call to voicemail”
  • Now when that caller calls you it will go straight to voicemail.

The above methods use built-in android settings to block calls so most android devices with newer OS should have these features. All of the Nexus devices such as Necus 4, Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 support these native android call blocking features. Along with default android call blocking settings, there are also call blocking features specific to smartphone vendors. Here are some:

To block calls in HTC One, One X or any HTC device with newer versions of Android Jellybean or later:

  • Open your Apps window and then simply open “People” (Your contacts)
  • Long press on any contact you want to block
  • Select “Block Contact”
  • You will be prompted that you will no longer receive call or texts from the contact.
  • Confirm the process and now your contact is blacklisted

To unblock calls in HTC devices

  • Open “People” or contacts from app window
  • Now open your contacts settings by pressing the dotted line on the top right
  • from the contact settings select “Manage Contacts”
  • Select “Blocked Contacts” and it will show you the list of blacklisted contacts
  • Tap and hold on the contact and select “Unblock Contacts” and select “OK”

To block calls in Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 or any Samsung device with the latest android OS updates

  • Open your system “Settings” and tap “My Device”
  • Select “call” >> “Call Rejection” >> You should now see a auto-reject list
  • Now simply “Add” upto 100 numbers in the auto-reject list
  • To unblock contacts simple delete the contacts from the auto-reject list






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