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Fix WiFi networks not showing in Redmi Note 5 [How To]

What is the use of a smartphone without WiFi? You could use mobile data but it may be more expensive than WiFi in some places. There has been some report of WiFi not working on Redmi Note 5. The device searches for a network but finds none. You will not see a single WiFi network even if you are standing right next to a router. Most of the user report that they started experiencing this issue after updated the firmware. While some report that they have had no such updates and the WiFi just stopped working. If it is not a hardware problem (in which case you have to replace or get the device repaired), you can fix this issue easily with just s few steps. Here’s how to fix WiFi networks not showing in Redmi Note 5.

Fix WiFi networks not showing in Redmi Note 5

Method 1: Toggle Wifi on and off

Sometimes if you can’t find a particular network to connect to, it is because the router has issues connecting to your device or the network coverage is poor. Sometimes the problem is on the device’s end. The first and foremost thing you should try is toggling the wifi on and off. All you need to do is turn the WiFi off and after a few seconds turn it on again.  If your device doesn’t detect only a particular router and if the router is yours or is accessible, rebooting the router might work.

Fix WiFi networks not showing in Redmi Note 5

Method 2: Forget Network

If you can see the WiFi network but can not connect to it even if you have entered the right password, you can make the device forget that particular network and try connecting to it again. All you have to do is tap and hold on the network you want to forget and select Forget Network. Now, tap on the network again and enter the password again. Most of the times, this should work.

Method 3: Reboot

If you haven’t rebooted your device already, now is the time to do so. Sometimes just a simple reboot can fix issues that seem difficult to fix. Rebooting your devices stops all the background process, frees the memory and make the device ready for a fresh start. Just reboot your device and see if the wifi issue is gone.

Fix WiFi networks not showing in Redmi Note 5

Method 4: Toggle Airplane mode

Sometimes you do not need to reboot your device or reconnect to the network. All you have to do is turn on airplane mode and turn it off again. This is sort of similar to toggling WiFi.

Method 5: Turn off Power Saving

If you have power saving turned on, it may be restricting the device to connect to a wifi network. Check if it is turned on from Settings > Battery Saving mode. Turn it off and see if the device finds any network.

Method 6: Check for update

An update might have been rolled out by the manufacturer for fixing this issue. Check if there is an update. If there is, update your device asap. If none of the solution work, you might have to take your device to a service center to get it fixed. If you do not have a warranty, you can flash a custom firmware to try and fix this issue. If you have a warranty, it is better if you get it repaired by the manufacturer or have it replaced.

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