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How To Fix Messages Notification Not Showing on Android

There’s a reason why Google Messages (now known as just Messages) is getting a lot of traction in the Android ecosystem. It is way better than the traditional messaging apps that come with Android devices by default. It not only supports SMS, but also RCS which is a better version of SMS that let you send payments, HD photos, locations, video call and more. Moreover, it also acts as an instant messaging app, and you can also use the web interface to send and video messages from your PC. The app is very polished and will rarely cause any issues, but every now and then some annoying issues might show their faces. One such issue is the app not showing notifications for new messages. Although this might not always be the app’s issue you can still perform some easy troubleshooting to get the notifications working. Here’s how to fix messages notification not showing on Android.

Fix Messages Notification Not Showing on Android

So, there are a total of 5 things you can do to make the notification start working again. Some are obvious but often neglected, and some are a little hardcore that you should only use if none of the other methods work. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Check Do Not Disturb mode

There is a chance that you might have enabled DoD mode accidentally. This can happen when you’re using the notification shade to check notifications, or when you put your phone in your pocket without locking it first.

Fix Messages Notification Not Showing on Android

So, check if the Do Not Disturb mode is enabled on your Quick Settings. If you can find it, you can check it from Settings > Sounds > Do Not Disturb. Disable it if it is enabled. If this is not the case then read further.

Check Notification Settings

This is another case of human error. If you tend to get a lot of notifications from a lot of apps, then there is a chance that you might have unintentionally disabled the notification of Messages when trying o clear the notifications. I have been through this a lot more than I can admit.

Fix Messages Notification Not Showing on Android

To check if the notifications are not disabled, go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Messages > Notifications. Check if Show Notifications is enabled.

Check Notification Sound

This is a bit of a far-fetched method but there is a chance that this might work for you. If you see notifications on your phone but do not hear any notification sound, then there might be a problem with the current notification sound.

It might be glitching. It happens. So, to check if this is the case, you can go to Settings > Sounds > Notification > Choose another sound.

Reinstall Messages App

If previous troubleshooting methods are not working, then it is better if you uninstall the app and install it again. This might eliminate the problem causing the issue. And since all your text messages are backed up to your Google Drive (If you have systems backup enabled), you don’t have to worry about losing your SMS and other messages when you uninstall the app.

Factory Reset

I will not suggest you do this unless absolutely necessary. If none of the above methods work, then you might have to factory reset your device. The problem might be with your OS and doing this will eliminate the issue as you will start fresh. To factory reset your device, go to Settings > System > Reset > Erase All. Follow the instructions on the screen. If you can’t find the reset options, just open Settings and search for it using the search bar.

This is it. Hope the notification issue gets resolved without you having to factory reset your device. The hassle of setting up the Android again is tiresome.



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