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How to Fix Facebook Login Failed issue?

Error code 1 or error code 2 typically appears on Facebook mobile apps, in general. The identical thing, though, might also occur on a web browser. Usually, you’ll encounter it when logging in on a recognized or unknown device. When signing into some services using Facebook, you can have the same issue. Without presenting any more symptoms, this issue can appear unexpectedly. But if you go about it the proper way, just like with most errors, you can fix this. The error typically reads as “Login Failed. Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Error code 1 or Error code 2. Here’s how to fix Error Code 1 or Error Code 2 on Facebook. You can use this troubleshooting guide to fix Facebook login failed issue.

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Fix Facebook Login Failed

How to Fix Facebook Login Failed issue?

Login failed may appear when you attempt to sign in on Facebook or anywhere else using your Facebook account. Messenger may also get an unknown issue with error code 1 or error code 2. When users attempt to log into Facebook, error code 1 or error code 2 is displayed because the app or website is unable to establish a connection with the server. This can be the result of problems with users or Facebook itself. This issue is commonly seen in iOS users, but Windows and Android users are not immune to it either.

There are various frequent causes for why it occurs.

  • Not granting required permissions.
  • Poor network connection.
  • Facebook is down.
  • Bad cache or data.

Before we begin troubleshooting, doing the following usually does the trick and you don’t usually have to troubleshoot any further.

  • Restart your device.
  • Check if Facebook is down. There are numerous websites that help you with this but I’d recommend Is It Down.
  • Connect to another network and try again.

Clear Cache

Most of the time, corrupted cache files are usually the culprit. You will need to clear those files and try again.

  1. On Web Browser (Chrome)
    1. Open Chrome.
    2. Press Crtl + Shift + Del keys on PC or Command + Shift + Del on Mac.
    3. Select All Time on Time Range.
    4. Check the box next to Cached Images and Files, and Cookies.
    5. Click on Clear Data.

Fix Facebook Login Failed

  1. On Mobile App (Android)
    1. Go to Settings > App.
    2. Find Facebook and tap on it.
    3. Go to Storage.
    4. Tap on Clear Data.

Fix Facebook Login Failed

The exact steps will defer from device to device but you will have no problem getting around that. And for iOS devices, there is no way to delete the cache so you will need to reinstall the app.

Grant Permissions

Not allowing important permissions might prevent you from logging in sometimes.

  1. For 3rd party permission (On browser)
    1. Go to Facebook Settings.
    2. Click on Security and Login.
    3. Navigate to Apps and Websites.
    4. Click on View and Edit and grant the necessary permission to the required apps.

Alternatively, you can delete connected 3rd party apps that you’re currently not using.

  1. For App
    1. Go to Settings > Apps > Permissions.
    2. Find the Facebook app.
    3. Grant required Permissions.

Adjust the Date and Time

The wrong date and time can also prevent you from logging in to Facebook.

  1. On PC
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Go to Time and Language.
    3. Toggle Set Time Automatically.

  1. On Android
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Go to Date and Time.
    3. Enable Set Automatically. The exact steps might differ from device to device.
  1. On iOS
    1. Go to Settings > General.
    2. Select the Date and Time.
    3. Enable Set Automatically.

Reset Network Settings

  1. On PC
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Navigate to Network & Internet.
    3. Select Advanced Network Settings.
    4. Select Network Reset > Reset Now.
  1. On Android
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Search for Reset.
    3. Tap on Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  1. On iOS
    1. Open Settings > General.
    2. Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
    3. Tap on Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

Disable VPN

It would be preferable to temporarily disconnect your device’s VPN while logging into Facebook if you use one. Facebook will have a lot tougher time figuring out your real network because VPNs hide your location. This could result in a number of issues including error code 1 and error code 2.

Switch Networks

One of the simplest fixes for error code 1 or error code 2 is to change your network because it has to do with your connection to Facebook’s servers. The majority of us do not, however, have two ISPs within a single household. Fortunately, you have options if you’re signing in from a mobile device. If you’re using Wi-Fi right now, try logging in using your cellular connection instead. Likewise, try joining a Wi-Fi network if you’re using mobile data. Each of these is a separate network, so one of them can have issues while the other will allow you to log in without displaying error code 1 or error code 2.

Reinstall App

If you are on a mobile device, reinstalling the Facebook application from the app store is one of the simplest ways to fix a variety of Facebook problems.

Contact Support

The final thing you should do is reach out to Facebook if nothing else works and the services are not down. They’ll probably want to know whether there’s a bug that’s causing error code 1 or error code 2 to appear frequently. This would not only enable them to release a patch to resolve the issue for users, but it will additionally provide crucial details regarding the root cause. They might utilize this to provide you with more guidance.



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