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How to fix broken Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth tends to fail at crucial times. Whether you are sending some important files or testing out your new portable Bluetooth speaker, there is never a good time for your wireless to fail, yet it does. If you were using wire as a medium of transfer, you would plug and unplug it or straighten it out to make it work again but you can do none of those when your wireless fails. Bluetooth has gotten better over the years so it is highly unlikely it will fail every now and then, this is if you have not tampered with it. So the next time your Bluetooth fails, try out one of the mentioned troubleshoots. Here’s how to fix broken Bluetooth connection.

How to fix broken Bluetooth connection

Fix broken Bluetooth: Reset your Bluetooth device

This will be beneficial for you if your connect multiple devices simultaneously. If you do so, reset your Bluetooth device daily to avoid any issues. But if you own a smartphone, which is also a Bluetooth device, resetting it each day is not possible. It would be better if you reset your device if you experience any issues with the Bluetooth connection. Doing this may save you your time and money.

Fix broken Bluetooth: Update firmwareFirmware update - fix broken Bluetooth

In some cases, the culprit for a faulty Bluetooth connection could be the device’s firmware itself. A set of bad codes in your device’s system may be causing your Bluetooth connection to go nuts. Your firmware provider may have rolled out a buggy firmware update, realized it, fixed it and again rolled out a patched update. So it is crucial for you to regularly check and update your device’s firmware to the latest version as soon as it is available.

Fix broken Bluetooth: Buy latest Bluetooth device

If possible, we recommend you to buy the lasted up to date Bluetooth devices to avoid any connection issues. Bluetooth version 4.2 is the latest one which is power efficient and faster than its predecessor. Most of the devices run latest version of Bluetooth but some may use older versions to cut down the manufacturing costs. Using such devices may make you suffer with connection issues that might be patched on the later versions.

Fix broken Bluetooth: Interference

It is possible that the connection issues on your Bluetooth may be caused by some sort of interference. Water and metal are known to cause transmission problems on radio signals. So look at your surrounding and scout for any such materials that may have caused the connection problem. Putting your Bluetooth device on high ground can improve the reception.bluetooth logo - fix broken Bluetooth

Fix broken Bluetooth: Search the internet

Instead of sitting and whining about your faulty Bluetooth, you can look for a solution on the internet. It is likely that the problem you are facing has already been solved. Plus, this may save the time and money that is unnecessarily spent if you go to a repair shop. Most of the time you can solve such connection issues on your own.

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