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How to delete sent messages on Whatsapp

The long-awaited Whatsapp update is finally here. Whatsapp will now let you delete sent messages; not just on your side. You can now basically un-send messages, just like in Viber. This could save a lot of awkward and unwanted explanations. Whether you’re drunk or angry, there are times where you send someone a message that you regret later on. We’ve all been there. Fortunately, you can now delete sent messages on Whatsapp.

How to Delete sent messages on Whatsapp

The massaging app has rolled out an update and added the feature to un-send previously sent messages within 7 minutes from the time you tap on “Send”. Once the first 7 minutes have passed, there’s no way you can delete it for everyone. This newly added feature is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

To delete a message from both ends, tap, and hold the message bubble you want to delete and then tap on the trash bin icon at the top of the chat screen. You will see 2 options – Delete for Me and Delete for Everyone. Choose the most obvious one and then confirm. The message will cease to exist. Note that the deleted message will now be replaced with “this message as deleted”. This may prompt questions but you can dodge it easily as the recipient will never have seen the original message. Just hope that you deleted it before the recipient saw it.delete sent messages on Whatsapp

If you don’t have this feature yet, just wait. Whatsapp is rolling out this update slowly and so you may haven’t got it yet. So make sure you check the feature before you start to recklessly send messages while you are drunk handling your phone. And also keep in mind that you have to delete the message within the first 7 minutes; miss the windows and you’re doomed. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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