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Deal easily with emergencies using First Aid app for android

Whenever you are in an emergency situation, it may be difficult for you to deal with it. Your child may have his knee hurt while playing, your spouse may have had their finger cut in the kitchen, or you may be feeling difficult to breath. It may be small, eg. some bruise, and it may even sometimes life-threatening. We all have these health and similar problems, frequent all over our lifetime. At many times, or even most of the times, we do not know what to do when these things incidentally happen, as we never know what happens when, and we are normally not prepared for any of them. The concept of first aid is obviously very useful during such emergencies.

first aid app for android

The first aid also itself needs an aid, since we need to know which type of first aid to use in what situations. To make the people more friendly with first aid, the apps for smartphones, which lie under health and fitness category are also developed, since in this modern age most of the people want their smartphones to do everything. And since in present days Android operating system has around (if not more than) 75% of the market shares, the first aid app for android platform are also developed and constantly updated. Most of them are free, and can be downloaded from the google play store free of cost.

first aid app for android

To recommend one of such first aid app for android, we suggest the First Aid- American Red Cross, which is obviously developed by no one other than the American Red Cross. You can search this app in the google play store and download to install it. It is highly recommended by many magazines,and this is a free (and ad-free) app that provides a wealth of basic first aid information for burns, injuries, and other medical emergencies that might arise.A “Learn” mode lets you read up on a type of injury, basic first aid treatment, and a Q&A section, while an Emergency mode dispenses with the extra information while providing concise first aid instructions in a single page, sometimes accompanied by videos and diagrams, as well as a one-button shortcut to call 911. Additional links allow you to sign up for first aid courses, buy first aid kits, donate, or volunteer for the American Red Cross. Other features include Spanish language tool,



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