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How to customize Android Boot Animation?

When you turn your Android device, the animation you can see when it starts to load is the Boot animation. There are a lot of Android device models out there, which have different boot animation depending on the models. For example, the Samsung logo appears in the Galaxy while turning on the Samsung Galaxy Devices.

Though different Android devices manufacturers work a lot to make their device’s boot animation awesome, but it can be boring for you to see the same boot animation all the time when you turn your phone. In that case, you may want to customize Android boot animation and feel a bit of re freshness. If you want to customize Android boot animation in the device you are currently using, follow the guide.

The first thing you’ll be required is a rooted Android device. If you haven’t have your device rooted, you can do it, but be alert of the advantages and disadvantages of rooting the Android. Different phone models have the different root methods, so you will have to search and do it yourself. If you already have your phone rooted, it will be much easier for you. Follow the following steps to customize android boot animation:

android boot animation

  1. Download and install a file manager, which uses root permissions. There are many apps which do so, but ES File explorer and manager is a good one among all of them. When you have it installed in your device, allow it the root permission. For this, go to the menu and tap on the ‘root explorer’ option.
  2. Select on the Device on the top menu. Long press the System folder, and when you get options, click on more, and then properties.
  3. Give it all the permissions required, and head back to System. Go to media from there, and in there, you can find a file named bootanimation.zip. Copy it to another folder which is easily accessed by you (it will be required when you want the default boot animation to be loaded back in your Android device).
  4. Change the name of the original file to something else you can easily remember, and the last thing is that you can now find a boot animation which is prepared, or make it yourself and copy it to the media folder is system, with the name bootanimation.zip. You’re done.

You can search for a lot of boot animations for android in the internet, or also prepare it yourself, if you are a geek. Install the customized files, and enjoy the way to customize android boot animation in your Android device.



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